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Tips for Twin Moms, from Twin Moms: Part 1

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Taking twins out of the house is one of the biggest challenges! Credit: surlygirl

Best Part of Having Twins

The way they interact with each other. They have a friend right from the start. —Margie

The best part is watching them interact. They are so in sync with one another, and they are so close. I love watching them discover things together and the hugging and kissing melts my heart. Having children is a blessing, but having twins is so amazing. They are so alike and yet so different, but they learn from each other and they follow each other. I just can’t say enough about how they interact with one another in so many positive ways. I can’t wait to see if they develop their own language. —Jennifer P.

They are the greatest blessing, and keep telling yourself that. Positive self-talk. It is easier and more efficient! One pregnancy, you read to two kids at the same time, you teach both Hooked on Phonics at the same time, you get up at the middle of the night for one year, etc. They have a built-in playmate and best friend, they are socially blessed with each other and the unique status twins have. It gives you a built in connection to the world of twins…Neighbors, coworkers, librarians, checkout ladies, etc.—everyone has a story and wants to smile and make a connection with you. You are blessed! Never forget it! —Rachel B.

Biggest Challenge

Going out with them for the first time (alone). —Margie

My biggest challenge is taking them out alone. It is A LOT of work to get two babies to the car, into car seats, out into the stroller, then run a few errands and meet their needs. I find that I only take them out alone if it is necessary and no one is around to watch them. I’m hoping when they get older it gets easier. —Jennifer P.

I am a teacher and finding names for my boys wasn’t easy. I had to have names that I could not make a student connection to. Until I had them, I had never had a Jonathan or a Tyler and that was good enough for me. I always loved the name Christopher and while I was pregnant I had a student named Christopher that ruined that name for me! —Jennifer P.

Tune in later today for Part 2 of Tips for Twin Moms! The mamas will discuss how to get me-time, their thoughts on losing the baby weight, and we’ll also share how you can best help any twin mom friends you have! —Erin 

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