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Tips for Twin Moms, from Twin Moms: Part 2

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Earlier today we shared tips from twin moms on raising multiples. The moms had so much good advice that we’ve got more coming at you! With reasons why you can survive being a twin mom to how to carve out some alone time (which can be tough for any woman!) to their experiences losing the baby weight, they’ve got loads more tips and tricks coming your way. Plus, if you know a twin mom, we’ve got advice on how you can help a mama out!

You Can Do It!

It’s actually much easier to have twins than two singletons. Very efficient! Only one doctor’s visit. Change one, change two. Feed one, feed two. Not a big deal, and they entertain each other. Plus, you get help and the sympathy smile everywhere you go. —Rachel B.

During pregnancy… Eat healthy and more often than you feel like it … Sit as much as possible at the end. Rest, relax, destress. Bedrest doesn’t help unless there is something medically wrong. A little stress is good for their brain development. Think positive. Eat healthy and a lot at the beginning. —Rachel B.

Jonathan and Tyler were born at 34 weeks, 5 days. I had a very easy and uneventful pregnancy. When my water broke, I knew they were coming and while the doctors tried very hard to keep me pregnant, they wanted out and so they were born. They spent 12 days in NICU because they were under 5 pounds and considered low birth weight. We were very lucky that they met their milestones quickly and were home with no health concerns. They are very silly, active and are meeting milestones regularly. In fact, they are driving me crazy with how much they love to climb and run and jump and the list goes on. But they are smart and funny and they make me smile all of the time. —Jennifer P.

Losing the Weight
I gained approximately 50 pounds and it took me four months to lose 40 pounds, but it was mostly due to running around the house—feeding, laundry, cleaning, etc. I exercise during their naps somewhere between 10 to 15 minutes on the average two to three times a week if lucky. —Margie
I’m a runner, my whole family runs, so the weight came back off fairly quickly. A lot is amniotic fluid, placenta, babies, boob weight, ankle swelling. I had mild symptoms with my son but every symptom with twins—constipation, sciatic nerve, nausea, swelling. It all goes away, you’ll make it! —Rachel B.

I have always struggled with my weight, but I have managed to maintain an active lifestyle. Before the boys were born I was in the gym at 5:30 a.m. taking spin or jogging on the treadmill. I was a regular at my gym five to six days a week. Now, I am still very active but in different ways. If the weather permits (in NJ), I toss the boys in the jogger and we go for a long walk/jog. They love seeing the people and the kids playing, and it allows me to spend time with them and keep fit. When the weather does not permit, I do workout tapes indoors while the boys are napping or they are playing in an adjacent playroom to my workout area. I favor walking with Leslie Sansone, Boot Camp and Cardio Max with Bob from The Biggest Loser, and I include weights. —Jennifer P.

I mentioned earlier that I have always struggled with my weight. I only gained 37 pounds when I was pregnant with the boys. Mainly because all I could eat that would stay down was grilled cheese, ginger ale, crackers and pears! I would have eaten my weight in salad if I had the time. I was actively walking and lifting weights until 6 months and then the dreaded swelling began. I was swimming for a while, but it was just tiring me out so I had to stop. I lost the weight in six weeks, mainly because it was water weight. I do walk/jog four to five days a week when the weather is nice. If not, I do videos or we take walks around the mall. Being active is important to me. I would say to do activities that you can bring the kids with you if you don’t have reliable child care, find activities you can do in the house if you don’t have the means to join a gym, or when you have someone to watch the kids, take time to do something for you, like working out, because it is so important to be healthy for yourself and your children. The dishes, the bills, the errands can all wait. You need to be fit and strong to do all those other jobs! —Jennifer P.

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