Hey, Dude! That’s a Clean Shave!

hey dude

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Despite my better judgment, I find myself back for Fit Bottomed Dudes’ week again this year, being some hapless guinea pig for yet another boys-only targeted body product.  This year, we go for some smooth, clean-cut testing…Hey Dude Cleansing Shave Gel.

So, where to start? I guess the best way to get into this is to put you into my mindset. When offered the chance to test out another product this year, I was a bit leery. Last year, I was coaxed into testing this gem, so I wasn’t sure what the girls had in mind this year.  They promised it would be something much less…well…private.

Enter Hey Dude.

Great. I HATE shaving. It really is one of the worst parts of the daily routine…and I use “daily” pretty loosely. But, I have to admit the name cracked me up a bit. I mean, HEY, I’m a DUDE…this must be for me.

The tube arrives,  and straight away I am beginning to like this assignment.  There is a very sharp looking dude right there on tube. His hair is a-muss, and he’s wearing a very stylish striped shirt. Hey, that dude is just like me! We are off to a good start, so time to see what this product is all about.

The very first line on the packaging asks, “What Dude…” (yes, capital D)…”What Dude doesn’t want to save time?” Well, this Dude likes saving time so much he doesn’t shave very often, but can’t wait to try this stuff! Right there on the tube, it says I can “Dudify” my morning routine by combining steps to combine cleansing and shaving my “mug.” (You have to get into the lingo to be truly Dudified). Ok, I’m in. Let’s Dudify this thing.

There is a big deal about the use of eucalyptus oil being used in this project, and I’m no animal-rights activist, but I hope no koalas went hungry in the making of this product. However, it’s supposed to help retain moisture while taking a deadly sharp piece of steel to your “mug.”

I have to really honest. This is far and away the best shaving lubricant I have ever used. (Must be all those generous koalas donating their precious agriculture to science.) It was very slick, and the razor really did glide along my face as promised. No razor burn. No irritation. Just a very fine shave that a gentleman—excuse me, dude, like myself—deserves.

As far as the cleansing portion of the program, I would say it is middle of the road. Very soft, mild and slightly refreshing on the skin, but I have used better products. But Hey, Dudes who are saving time understand there is give and take.

There is a whole line of Hey Dude skin care products that focus on the various aspects of the daily routine. So, I say, Dudify yourself and give the shaving gel a try. It claims that it will make “her shout ‘Dude!'” but my wife usually only says that in disgust—so maybe you’ll have better luck than me. —Scott Barton


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