Our Top 10 Podcasts to Move and Groove To


Lace up your running shoes and get to listening to these top 10 podcasts! Credit: dan taylor

The Top 10 Podcasts to Work Out To

9. Dr. Andrew Weil’s Healthy Living Podcasts. If natural health is your thing, Dr. Weil is your man. His mission is to educate the masses on integrative medicine and the healing power of nature’s bounty. His healthy podcasts stress the importance of living a healthier life in all areas: mind, body and spirit.

10. Get Fit Pod. Whether you love to run or walk, bike, hike, or karate-chop invisible foes, Get Fit Pod has info for you. Complete with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to burn fat, Go the Distance workouts to build stamina and Walk It Off workouts with amazing tunes for group or solo walks, Get Fit Pod is the one-stop shop for different workouts that will never leave you bored.

Instead of trying to flip through a magazine while running on the treadmill, you can listen to podcasts anywhere—even on the open road, to amp you up before a big race, during the 20th mile of a marathon or soaking in an ice bath afterwards. Just download to your iPod or stream from your phone, and never run out of info and ammo to keep you moving.

Do you listen to healthy podcasts? What top 10 podcasts would be on your fave list? —Kelly

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  1. Keetha says:

    Thanks for this post! Jillian Michaels’ is my favorite podcast. I enjoy Beyond Diet (http://beyonddietpodcast.com/?cat=4) but it’s not updated as frequently as I’d like.

    I listen to Dishing Up Nutrition, too (http://www.weightandwellness.com/radioshow.html).

    I look forward to checking out the podcasts in the post – thanks!


  2. I love fitness behavior by bevan James eyles and mojo for running. I’d recommend you start at the start with both of them