Tips for Fit Bottomed Dudes to Take Care of Themselves at Every Age

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Running is an easy way to get the heart a pumpin'! Credit: chefranden

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Are you one of those guys who hates going to the doctor or dentist? Does your girlfriend nag you about going but you keep making excuses? Well, stop that! Those appointments—annoying as they are—are a huge asset to your health. Check out these tips from Dr. Oz from a recent issue of Men’s Fitness to help you live into really old age. Because don’t you want to see yourself super old, gray and healthy? (And, ladies, use this info to convince him to not cancel that appointment!)

Guys in Their 20s

Twentysomethings’ testosterone levels are high, so they have a big desire to be sexually intimate and a need to build muscle mass. Place more emphasis on muscle-building activities. They should be working out every other day, building up their core, arms and legs. The one activity they should definitely be doing is pull-ups. You know you’re fit if you can lift your own body weight at least 10 times—that’s the bare minimum.

Check Yourself
No. of push-ups he should be able to do: More than 35
No. of sit-ups he should be able to do: More than 45

Health screenings he should be getting:

  • Tetanus vaccine (every 10 years)
  • Influenza vaccine (every year)
  • Height, weight, waist and BMI (every year)
  • Blood pressure (every year)
  • Oral exam (every year)
  • HPV vaccine (before 26)

Read on for tips for maintaining health and wellness in Fit Bottomed Dudes over the age of 29… —Erin

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