Jenn’s 3 Favorite Healthy Foods

We’re hungry! And talking about food for this round of Question of the Week, which asks each FBG, “What are your three favorite healthy foods?” Tough one…


Three? I just have to pick three? Honestly, I could probably list 300 healthy foods I simply adore. Between almost every fruit and vegetable on the planet (minus beets; I cannot get into beets no matter how much I really, really want to), I’m a huge fan of chocolate, red wine, buffalo, fish, quinoa—again, I could go on and on. But if I absolutely had to narrow it down to three uber-healthy foods that I’m obsessed with…well, here they are:

My 3 Favorite Healthy Foods

1. Kale. The fact that I bought an “Eat More Kale” T-shirt pretty much sums my obsession up, I think. No? How about that I can’t stop writing posts about it, buy three bags at a time at Trader Joe’s, and it makes an appearance in the Sh*t FBGs Say video.  It might also have something to do with Erin trying it, chip-afying it, too. Oh, and it’s DELICIOUS and makes me feel amazing. Need I say more? I think not. Color me kale-obsessed (and happy about it).

2. Eggs. I don’t care how you cook them—scrambled, poached, over-easy (on top of a bed of kale is best, by the way, if you like them that way)—I love them all. Whether it’s a smoothie protein-ed up with egg whites as a snack, a frittata with asparagus and garlic for dinner, an omelet for breakfast or a couple of hard-boiled eggs to tide me over, eggs are versatile, easy, cheap and so-freakin’ tasty. I love them.

3. Nut butter. Yeah, I’m cheating on this one. Asking me to pick a favorite nut butter is like asking your mom to pick between you and your brother as to who is her favorite. It’s just not fair. Peanut, almond, cashew, sunflower—you are all beautifully delicious to me and oh-so fabulously filling. And I love you on celery, carrots, apples and straight out of the jar with a spoon. Or my finger. Don’t judge.

If you had the tough task of narrowing your favorite healthy foods list down to three, what would your top picks be? Similar to mine or totally different? I’d love to hear! And you’ll probably remind me of a few faves… —Jenn

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  1. Great post, Jenn! It’s hard for me to narrow it down, but I’d say my 3 favorite healthy foods are:

    1. Peanut butter (but it’s so easy for me to eat too much of this)
    2. Bananas
    3. Kidney beans

  2. Nice list there Lisa. As a top weight loss doctor from Mumbai , India, I often advise simple milkshake recipes for my clients which is quick and easy to make and helps to curb hunger cravings. A great combo meal that is at once satisfying as well as tasty and one that I often have to satisfy my hunger cravings between meals is a banana walnut milkshake. It contains all the three ingredients that I just love – bananas, nuts and milk. Just throw in some walnuts inside a blender along with a banana and milk and gulp down the thick frothy concoction! Top it up with organic honey or demerera sugar if you prefer it sweeter. One could also replace the banana with a ripe mango for an even more delicious offering. It’s April and Alphonso Mangos are in season in India now and I’m relishing them! Cheers!

  3. I second the kale and raise you pumpkin and black beans. If my kitchen runs out of any of those (or almond milk!), a true crisis ensues:) In fact, during the Great Pumpkin Shortage of 2010, I ordered flats of the stuff every few days from Amazon. My poor UPS driver was happier than I when the orange-hued squash began available in stores in again, especially because I lived on the 3rd floor!

  4. Christine says:

    stilllearning2be – what do you possibly make with all that pumpkin?

  5. Lucy says:

    Your list is fabulous. My favorites are:

    1. almond butter
    2. banana
    3. avocado

    Runners-up: kale, strawberries, apples.

    This was fun 🙂

  6. Lets see, I would go with:

    #1 hard boiled eggs
    #2 almonds
    #3 natural peanut butter

    These three get my vote because they are super tasty, packed full of protein and keep the hunger pangs at bay for hours!

  7. Jill says:

    Great question! I think mine are:

    1. eggs
    2. oatmeal
    3. natural PB

  8. Diana Lee says:

    (1) sweet mini peppers
    (2) oranges
    (3) Kashi GoLean Crunch Honey Almond Flax

  9. Donna Boudreau says:

    I have never had Kale, but want to try it. What do you suggest for a newbie Kale eater? How should I prepare it?

  10. Ayana says:

    My favs are:

    1. Eggs (cheap,easy and offer lots of versatility)
    2. Water (just feel better when I drink lots of it and it makes me feel full faster)
    3. Yogurt (gives me my fruit and curves my ice-cream craving)

  11. A nice list from you jenny! I second you on Kale mixed with spinnach. I also love fish and Pineapples.

  12. Margaret says:

    Great information. Kale is the most amazing and nutritious. Have you every had kale chips. AMAZING

  13. Julie says:

    My Favorites:
    1) Turkey Jerky
    2) Sundried Tomatoes
    3) Hard-boiled eggs

    and just because I have to add a fourth…. black beans!!!

  14. I absolutely LOVE eggs! A great thing to eat after a workout.

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  15. Jack says:

    Isn’t chocolate healthy? In that case, I vote for mint chocolate kisses 🙂