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Postpartum Depression: You Deserve to Feel Your Best

Depression-585Depression sucks. And while I’ve never experienced postpartum depression, I can’t imagine anything worse than a depression that hits you when you’re already overwhelmed, exhausted and emotional. I’ve battled mild regular-style depression off and on over the years. For me, it’s not sadness or crying or drama. I know I’m struggling when little daily tasks seem impossible to do. Grocery store? To me it’ll feel like I’m climbing Everest. Calling to make an appointment? How on earth can I muster the energy to do that? I’ve dealt with it enough now that I know when I’m headed in the wrong direction. And luckily I’ve been able to cope with low doses of anti-depressants. And sunshine. I always feel better when spring arrives.

This week, we wanted to bring attention to the topic of postpartum depression and depression in general. When you’re struggling, it can be really hard to get the help you need. But for moms to be able to take care of their kiddos, they need to take care of themselves. You may want to avoid drugs because you’re pregnant. Or because you’re breastfeeding. You may have a hard time admitting you’re not feeling like yourself. You may think it’ll get better on its own or you may not even realize just how low you are. But just know that there is help out there should you need it. And it is worth asking for it to feel like yourself again.

I have several important guest posts lined up for this week. If you’re struggling, this week’s content will help you see you’re not alone. And that in and of itself should help. If you’re lucky and never dealt with this beast, this content may just help you help someone else.

Have you battled depression? Come out the other side? —Erin 

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