Thursday Giveaway: 3 Pairs of the Mizuno Wave Rider 15

The Mizuno Wave Rider 15 is sah-weet.

This giveaway is part of our FBG Birthday Week celebration! Check out all of the special four-year birthday posts and huge giveaways here!

You’ve got your bean chips, your adidas outfit and your year’s supply of guac, but what about your feet? They need some love, too, right?! That’s what we thought, too. So today’s giveaway is all about the shoes! Mizuno is giving away three pairs of the Wave Rider 15, which is a freakin’ running shoe masterpiece. With a lightweight feel, a wrapped-to-foot fit and a freakishly smooth ride, it’ll be your running BFF. These puppies retail for about $115 and come in bright, loud colors, which we love.

Ready to lace up your pair? All you have to do is tell us why you love running in rhyming fashion in the comments below. AND if you want two entries, make yours short and Tweet it using the hashtag #FBGBirthday and tagging @FitBottomedGirl. We’ll choose two winners from the comments and one from Twitter. U.S. residents only, pretty please.

Winners will be announced in about a week. So…who’s ready to ride the Mizuno wave?! —Jenn


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  1. I think running is so fine
    It helps to ease my troubled mind
    It relaxes my stiff muscles
    and builds new red corpuscles
    It allows me time to be alone
    And sink into my favorite zone
    Yes running is numero uno
    My feet could use some new Mizuno(s)
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Running on the trails
    Puts the wind in my sails.

    With these amazing new shoes
    Maybe I’d stop stepping in coyote doo.


  3. I definitely could use a new pair of running shoes. I try to get a new pair once a year, but that purchase always seems to fall off when the kids need new shoes, hiking boots, etc. I’ve wanted to try out the Mizuno Wave for a while now. Great giveaway!

  4. I want a new pair of running shoes so I can run farther and my legs will look better in my Jimmy Choos!

  5. Ahh!!! The colors are fashionable and I’m running the SF NWM 10/14/12. FBGs gots represent!!!

  6. Running allows me to continue to be 125 lbs less of a woman than I was 6 years ago! It allows my kids to call me ULTRA Mom. It allows my husband to never, ever pass by me without saying “Look at my wife…whoo-hoo!”…and at the end of every marathon, running allows me to be more proud of myself!

  7. Running kinda sucks
    But I do it anyway,
    Cuz I don’t wanna have to look
    At rolls of fat all day.


  8. My name is Andi and here to say, that I stay fit and healthy in a mighty fast way. I like Zumba and spin but most of all, I like to hit the pavement spring, summer and fall. 5k?, 10k? challenge me please, because I love to make my hubby weak in the knees 😛 haha 🙂

  9. Diabetes is no fun
    diabetics should love to run
    Running helps keep us strong
    Running keeps us from medication
    running is a great release
    from the toxins
    in our bodies
    my diabetic feet
    would love these new treats:)

  10. I love to run over rocks
    I will run without socks
    Try to catch me if you can
    even in a speeding van!

  11. When life gets rough, running reminds me I’m tough. Could use some new kicks from those badass FBG chicks!

  12. I run in the heat, I run in the rain.
    I love to run because it keeps me from going insane.

    My heart beats in time with my feet. Boy those new running shoes would really be sweet.

    lol 😉

  13. Running, running, is so sweet,
    but you need to protect your feet.
    You must buy the perfect shoe,
    find the right style the best fits you.
    Keep on running with the proper shoe,
    and your feet will thank you too.

  14. Running is a sport that keeps you healthy. You don’t have to be all that wealthy. Just lace up your shoes and start. Competing in races is the best part!

  15. I run because it’s fun.
    I run because I’m dumb (well not really but it rhymes!)

    Why not look good wearing these while I do it!

  16. I am a runner!
    There is nothing funner
    than lacing up my shoes
    and running away the blues.
    Wind, rain,
    sun or pain,
    just keep running, or go insane!

  17. I Love Running…U Should Too
    Especially in New Mizuno Running Shoes
    With An Awesome Run
    And A Sprint From Me To You
    Won’t U Say U Love Running Too =)

  18. Instead of taking a ride,
    Running let’s me hide.
    From my everyday trouble and woes,
    Please help my tired toes!
    A free pair of shoes would be nifty,
    Since this mom tries to be thrifty!

  19. I trained for my first marathon at the beginning of 2012
    But 2 weeks before race day, I tore my ACL

    Surgery then rehab, I’m determined to comeback
    For my love of the run, I will not slack!

    By 2013 I’ll run 26.2
    It would be even sweeter with free Wave Rider shoes!!!

  20. My first triathlon
    is in three days
    I wish was sporting
    some Mizuno Waves.

    My first 10k
    is in sixteen days
    I wish my old running shoe
    were new Mizuno Waves.

    My big right toe
    is poking right through
    I really really need
    the Mizuno running shoe. 

    I made lots of goals
    to be healthier, a fighter
    How can I conquer these events
    without a pair of Wave Riders?

  21. Running is so fine
    You get to go out and dine
    If you have logged in the miles
    You will be filled with smiles

    (worst rhyme ever)

  22. I started to run so I wouldn’t be fat.
    Since my increase in strength, I think running’s all that!

    I study piano, and clarinet too;
    when practice goes badly I start to feel blue…

    To combat the frustration I head out the door;
    since I’ve gotten in shape, it’s no longer a chore.

    Now I love running because my feet are like wings,
    and it proves that I’m apt to so many things.

  23. I ran today not once but twice!
    When I’m done I enjoy a tall drink with ice.
    I love it because it makes my butt look nice ;).

  24. Running keeps me from getting into trouble. Too winded to yell at people, too tired to fight with them. I need new shoes. My shin splints are acting up again!

  25. Gyms can be so mundane.
    Staring at the walls, it’s all the same.
    But I grab my shoes and hit the trails,
    To spice things up it never fails.
    It doesn’t matter if I’m at home or in Toronto
    It raises my heart rate and I’m working out pronto.
    Anywhere, any time, any day.
    I just grab my shoes and I’m on my way.

  26. Running sometimes
    is painful for me –
    I have a condition,
    you see.

    But the feel of it –
    Pounding pavement or tread
    gives me freedom
    freedom, I said!

  27. When i get up in the morning my muscles asks me why?
    what is the point in getting up in the morning and with no good reason or lie i could not tell them why.

    as I pull on my worn and beaten shoes that could tell more stories if they only would choose.I feel the trickle of sparks starts to make it’s way up my thighs that only the feel of the promise of a run can do.

    I tighten the laces and head out the door my heart starts to get more excited as my shoes remind me whats in store.

    the birds are whistling now the a soft wind is blowing, here I am just me and those shoes and without a hesitation they whispered softly go ahead and just do what you know how to do and i’ll be there for you.

    I remembered then as the tree’s raced past me and the birds began to sing faster and sweeter and the sparks in my legs spread further up my body and fill my heart with fire and laughter, I remember have a gift that only a few people can enjoy, I can run free without the pain of limitations and with the promise of the sun and the joy of no hesitations run I did for if you have a good pair a shoes and fire in your heart who knows what things you can do?

  28. I love the bold colors! I love running in happy gear because it helps me smile through the wind & hills!

  29. Running is not for fools. You got to have courage, dedication, drive and the right kicks. Short for air and wind in your hair. You keep pushing, going and others just stare 😉

  30. It’s fun to run
    in the sun
    or through the glade
    in the shade
    left-right-left-right gotta move it
    in-in-out-out let’s get to it!

  31. Running is my lover,
    It will never leave me for another.
    The wind guiding my back,
    always sets me on the right track.
    I run hard and I run fast,
    to release me from my loveless past.
    Running is my lover,
    I will never leave it for another.

  32. oh how i love a strong body and mind
    so out to the trails I go..
    running for me keeps me in line
    and gives me some needed mojo!!

  33. I just started running
    I hope it makes me look stunning
    It’s hard on my feet
    But the end feeling is sweet

    I love the wave
    Their comfort I crave
    And I love that their bright
    They make you visible at night

    I am running my first 5k
    on Memorial Day
    A new pair of kicks
    would look super in pics!

  34. Running, Running
    that’s not all I like to do
    Jogging, has its perks too ;
    it keeps me fit
    I burn fat !
    I feel alive, I feel free
    I love my BO-DY !
    Easy on the knees and clarification for mind
    I don’t mind
    puttin’ in a dime of my time.
    I need these quality runnin’ shoes
    so I don’t slip a disk
    bust a hip
    or end up tearing
    a lig-a-ment !

  35. How is it possible?
    How could it be?
    That I finished my first half,
    When I lined up for a three?

    No saying, I can’t
    No more excuses,
    But make sure you’re in the right race
    So there are no surprises

    (This really happened. I signed up for the 8:30 a.m. 5K and accidentally lined up with the 8:00 a.m. 1/2 marathon runners. So, I decided to finish instead of quitting. 🙂 )

  36. To say that I love to run would be a lie
    Truth is it makes me feel like I’m gonna die
    My body aches and my breathing gets heavy
    But I keep running and chant to “rock steady”
    I have to run to keep my body in shape
    Because I wear dogtags, not a cape
    The United States Army is for whom I run
    And all the same time carrying a gun
    I’ve ran through the country, I’ve ran through the desert
    But no matter where I may run, new Mizunos would make it better!

  37. I’m a fit bottomed girl and I like to run,
    sometimes it’s a lot of fun.
    I’m also a mom so running kinda makes
    Me the bomb!
    I set a good example for my kids, husband, and friends.
    Hope this leads to some good trends.

  38. I love to run big races under the sun, but I gotta make sure I have the right running shoes to ensure that I don’t lose!

  39. I’m an aficionado of running,
    And walking, too,
    If it weren’t for either of them I don’t know what I’d do.
    My workouts would be empty,
    Also dull and bland,
    But with them workouts are fulfilling – they help me out run my fit-bottomed MAN!
    I’d love to get faster
    But my current pace will have to do,
    My hip I am rehabbing and trying to stay happy in my shabby running shoes!

  40. I run because it’s fun.
    I run to get away. I’d run all night and I’d run all day.
    I run a little and I run a lot.
    I run in my sleep and that ALWAYS hits the happy spot.


  41. I love to run
    so I look good in the sun.
    Nashville’s Half Marathon I just did
    but my worn-out running shoes I hid.
    Morning runs will make you fit
    good for the mind, body, and heart-that’s legit.
    Busy Mom of three with no time to shop
    wishing to win new Mizuno shoes so running won’t be the thing I have to drop!!

  42. Running is what I do best
    I love to run, like all the rest.
    So let me win a pair of shoes
    And then I won’t sing the blues!!

  43. I love my Mizunos
    they’re the best shoes i’ve got
    They’ve been my partners
    in the cold and the hot.
    Even if i don’t win you,
    you’re the best shoe i’ve ever bought!

  44. I used to think running was a bore,
    But I tried it again and liked it more!
    Now thanks to running, ive lost 50 pounds,
    And with new shoes, hopefully I’ll see more results that astound!

  45. I love running
    I love shoes
    Please pick me
    So I can run in new Wave Riders for all to see!

  46. Sun up to Sun down I coach some of the best people in our town. Siabhon Bates has been wheelchair bound for 4 years, but with all our help she is standing and taking steps with her peers. The State of Washington gave up on her, however with our team of massage, chiropractor and coaches the past is just a blur. Forward momentum is her only mind set and a new pair of running shoes would help without her going further in debt. As her coach I make a plea to help me help her set her FREE!!!!

  47. In Seattle, there’s little sun,
    but when there is, I LOVE to run!
    Rain or shine, I’d love these shoes,
    for sure the colors will add some fun!

  48. I’ve just recently started running again. I used to run cross country in h.s. Didn’t realise how much I missed it til I started again.

  49. ..body shrinking
    a break from thinking
    helped me lose a ton…

    And I need to get back to it! Kewl new shoes would be sweeeeeeet! 🙂

  50. I love to run, especially in the sun!
    Although I also do it in the rain & in the dark & in the park!
    I love to run! It is so much fun!
    It is an activity that I will not shun!
    Oh, how I LOVE to run!!!

  51. I may not run well, but I really do try
    Stomping the pavement, think I could fly!
    Deep breath, lean forward, lift off and soar
    With these shiny new shoes, I’ll only want more!

  52. I feel alive out on the trails,
    Where I can relax and forget the details.
    Dirt and flower, mud and tree,
    On the trails, I am free!

  53. Nothing quite makes me feel so empowered
    As sprinting at (what feels like) a 100 miles/hour

    And nothing compares to the feeling of success
    When I come home from a run, having given it my best

    There’s a feeling as if my feet have grown wings
    That haunts my dreams and makes my heart sing

    It’s my deepest of secrets: I know how to fly!
    I’m a part-time superhero: that’s my running “why”

  54. Running Rocks!
    These shoes would fit great over my new running socks!

    Striding and striving, reaching my goals
    All the while, feeling mellow on my soles

    Mizuno Wave Riders, my feet & my miles will surely test
    but you are surely the best
    Feet & miles above all the rest!

  55. run, is a burning feeling
    & it makes all have some meaning
    exited by running in the wild air
    i fell in love with the mezuno pair ♥

  56. I am a runner and I am in need of a new pair of kicks…..
    I could really, really use these, really!

  57. Running is my getaway,
    my thoughts run astray,
    and after, I’m ready for what comes my way!!

    these are super awesome!
    thanks for the chance

    styleezta at gmail dot com

  58. I love to run
    so I look good in the sun.
    Nashville’s Half Marathon I just did
    but my worn-out running shoes I hid.
    Morning runs will make you fit
    good for the mind, body, and heart-that’s legit.
    Busy Mom of three with no time to shop
    wishing to win Mizuno shoes so running won’t be the thing I have to drop!!

  59. Up and Down the land I go
    Fighting inertia on every solid road
    My heart beats to my favorite song
    My brain lets go the feeling that I’m wrong
    Wrong of such a journey one can withold
    Just running down this barren road

  60. I love running in rhyming fashion because I’m so so fly. I gotta represent fitness on the fashion tip when I get my workout on and holla at the world that I’m sexy and I know it!

  61. I prefer to sport all of my running gear that matches, it makes me happy! I just love to run! I just ran my first half marathon and am ready to run my next one!!

  62. Once upon a time there was a girl named Grace
    She never thought that she’d run in a race
    She ran and ran almost everyday
    And 9 weeks later, finished her first 5k
    Now she loves running oh so much
    But her Nike Frees just don’t have the “touch”
    She’d love to put those Mizuno Waves on
    Because now she’s training for a half marathon!

  63. Running,
    You scare me!!!
    But with shoes that scream
    WEAR ME!!!
    You won’t even need to
    dare me!!!

  64. I love to run
    Its way to much fun

    It keeps me fit and happy
    It also makes me sassy

    Its so freeing from the stress of life
    I want to do it day and night

    I cant think of a better goal
    Then getting through the first mile and feeling whole

  65. I really don’t prefer to run;
    but I might as well since my kids like to be out in the sun.
    It’s so simple and easy;
    I’ve done it enough now, i’m no longer queasy.
    I like getting a few laps in around the yard;
    and hopefully combat my genetic ass-lard.

  66. I like to run
    It is so much fun
    I do it in the dark
    I do it in the park
    When I can’t run I am so sad
    For me it is not just a fad
    I like to look stylish and cute when I trot
    But really I am just messy and hot

  67. At running I suck
    I’d be much faster in a truck
    I want to be fat no more
    So I just deal with everything being sore
    Although I can only run a mile
    Some new shoes would make me smile!

  68. (to the tune of apples and bananas and with an off-pitch voice)
    I like to run, run, run
    Hot under the big sun
    I like to run, run, run
    Just for kicks and fun.
    And so I hope to keep on goingggggggggg

  69. I run because it gives me peace,
    I run because it gives me quite a rush,
    I run because new things I like to see,
    I run because I feel like it gives me a push,
    I run to test limits,
    I run to spark interest,
    I run because Mizuno.

    FYI: I have chronic posterior tibial tendonitis, and Mizuno’s are the ONLY shoe so far that doesn’t aggravate it and make me want to saw my own leg off. Couldn’t find a way to fit that in there!

  70. Once upon a time not long ago
    there was a new girl who ran real slow
    she kept the faith, and stayed on track
    built speed and endurance, but had a setback
    her Nike Free Runs were really cute
    but pain in her legs were the result of this shoe
    so she saw a tweet from Fit Bottomed Girls
    to win shoes that would help her run the world
    now she’s typing this rhyme for a chance to win
    cause her love of running, has made her new friends
    it’s made her fit, it’s made her lose weight
    and there’s nothing better than being in shape
    so she hopes she wins a pair of Mizunos
    and if she doesn’t, then congrats to who knows

  71. these mizuno’s
    i want to swoon-o
    with the waverider
    i’m quite the strider
    canary yellow
    i want to bellow
    but to cruise
    i need these shoes!

  72. Running gets my feet moving
    my heart grooving
    my body losing
    and my sanity improving.

  73. Each morning before the full day’s sun,
    I push myself each time I run.

    No one to judge, no time to beat.
    No way I’ll quit, no way I’ll cheat.

    The fastest runner I may never be,
    But that’s ok, I run for me.

  74. I love to run,
    it’s always so fun,
    and when I get done,
    I will have a nice bun (hopefully :))

  75. I run
    I run for fun
    I run for fun in the bright sun
    I run for me
    I run to feel free
    I run happily
    I run

  76. Uphill and downhill, around and around
    I’ve run my old shoes right into the ground
    I really run for the thrill
    Of many Ragnar kills.
    I could really use these new kicks
    For my tri-training bricks!!

  77. I run because I can! No excuses! Running in those new AmAzInG shoes would absoultely RoCk 😉

  78. Running/Walking is not just about losing weight or staying in shape for me it’s my time to relax and enjoy some me time..

  79. I run because I can
    My husband is my biggest fan
    When I run all I can say
    Is “how far will I go today?”

  80. I love to run
    Not because it’s fun
    I love the quiet and peace
    As my daily troubles release
    So good for my body and heart
    I can’t wait to grab my shoes and start!

  81. Mizuno shoes in the dark u glow
    My blisters can’t wait to be no more
    Comfort, cushioning and support
    The top 3 qualities that I court
    These feet would love to say hello
    New mizunos …. cute and so yellow!

  82. running, running
    keeps me sane;
    running, running
    not just in a game;
    out in the air,
    away from the noise
    not a really a care;
    running for a cause
    please, try not to stare

  83. Nothing is better than toeing the line & standing out due to your colorful new sneaks!! It aids in counting steps for cadence purposes, helping lead everyone along during the race & looking sweet while doing it. Mizuno’s are top notch & bright, new pair would be put to great use.

  84. Running is one thing I never thought I’d master
    But I DID … at age forty-six
    Now I’d like to go just a bit FASTER.

    I run in a beautiful place.
    A nearby state park is where I get my fix.
    It’s always about the feeling… never about a RACE.

    (ps: hit submit on this once and it didn’t seem to go through; sorry if I’m posting twice.)

  85. Running is my me time,
    My kids can drive me nuts,
    Hit the pause button on reality,
    Enjoy the quiet time!

  86. Sometimes I run for pleasure,
    Sometimes I run from pain,
    Because I am from Washington State,
    It’s usually in pouring rain,
    I never run for others,
    I always run for me,
    Sometimes it’s slow,
    Sometimes it’s fast,
    Sometime I have to pee,
    It always keeps me thinking,
    Dreaming, hoping, wishing,
    Somehow, someday, my feet may fail
    But for now, let’s keep on pushing!

  87. Running is fun, running is great,
    Running makes me feel better about what I just ate.
    Sneakers are lovely, they make running swell,
    But I need new ones because my current sneaks smell.

  88. I run for myself…to be a better mom, friend,sister and colleague. Running is my therapy and hey I might as well look good doing it!

  89. Pilates helped strengthen my core
    but running is what I adore
    If I won some new shoes
    I’d shake off my blues
    and race my way right out the door!

    R-s for running even when it’s hot
    U-Underneath the sun
    N-is for New Balance
    I-like TO RUN

  91. Running for me
    Is not easy you see
    For I am not wee or petite.

    Running on roads
    Will help me shed loads
    And new shoes will help my poor feet.

    My current pair are a mess,
    And I must confess,
    I do not want to walk away in defeat.

  92. Running is so healthy and fun
    and I would be so grateful if I won
    shoes the color of the sky and sun

    But to keep this short and sweet
    I run mainly so I can eat
    and winning these would make my life complete!

  93. My life is full of craziness
    but running grounds me down
    It helps to counteract laziness
    and moves me around the town!

  94. Running is good for the body and the brain
    One of the few things that keeps me sane
    Tabata sprints are the best
    Short and sweaty as I like best!

  95. I watch the food on my plate,
    but sometimes it’s not all that great.
    Running helps my weight, oh that’s vanity,
    But it also helps keep my sanity.

  96. While I never thought I’d love to run….
    I do, I do, It’s so much fun!

    Every day I put on my shoes
    If you haven’t tried it already, you should too!

  97. I love running
    In wide open spaces
    Through sun or through rain
    On my wild ‘medal chases’

    Mile after mile
    Step after step
    A new pair of shoes 
    Would sure give me pep! 🙂

  98. I see the runners on the street
    And want to be like them
    I feel no pride with my puny miles
    While running in the gym
    My attention fades my muscles ache
    Failure’s nothing new.
    I check my pace
    I don’t win the race
    It’s gotta be the shoes!

  99. I would love to to have these pair of running shoes!! I used to run in my twenties. In my thirties and forties, my life was more surrounded on raising my kids and keeping the household in order. Now in my fifties and the kids are gone, I’m working on getting back to running again. I may be slow but I was able to complete my first two 5K runs. I’m aiming higher to 10K and eventually the half marathon. The half marathon is something I have always wanted to do since my twenties!

  100. Running keeps me fit and my legs toned
    Here I go leaping over my next milestone
    My longest run was 13.1
    It was the at Long Branch Half in the sun 😉

  101. I have MS. Running is extremely difficult, but I press on trying as hard as I can to Win.

  102. I run to escape & to help lose weight.
    It would be so great
    to win on 18th may
    as it is my birthday;
    a new running gear
    for a healthy new year :))

  103. Because of my arthritis,
    Running would usually give me bursitis,
    But with good running shoes,
    I lose my geriatric blues,
    And the scenery goes on beside us.

  104. Running lots of miles
    leads to many smiles,
    so I really can’t lose
    ’cause man I NEED some new shoes!

  105. Didn’t think I’d run again
    No time I thought…why try?
    One Baby later I have come to find
    Running has become a time that is all MINE!

  106. I must run and run
    to catch my son.
    He is 3
    so now you see.
    Go go go
    never slow.
    Always on my feet
    these shoes would be treat…
    Then I could run run run
    and it’d be fun.

  107. Hi, I really could use those shoes. I normally by tennis shoes at a thrift store just because I can’t afford a new pair. A really good pair is SO expensive. I started working out 2 weeks ago & trying to get fit & toned before my soldier (my hubby) gets home from Afghanistan in September. These shoes would help so much!!! Please consider me!!

  108. running running it’s so fine
    it makes me happy and i do it all the time
    run in the morning or run in the eve
    if i miss a day i have to grieve
    i love to run in my colorful mizuno
    they’re so fine i call mine “uno”! 🙂

  109. Running is like music, capable of improving my mood. I run in joy, or in somber meditation. Running is the discipline and willpower of oneself connecting with nature & my body. It gives me the rich companionship of running with friends, or the equally rich solitude of running alone. Running is freedom like a bird flying. Running is who I am.

  110. I used to run, and then I got sick.
    I can’t wait to run again, ’cause it’s what makes me tick.

    When my feet hit the pavement and my music is blaring,
    I have no problems in the world that need my caring.

    Till then, I’ll count down the days until I’m strong enough-
    to run again. This disease can’t beat me, I’m too TOUGH!

  111. There once was a girl who did not run.
    Her usual shape was a round one.
    But she laced up her shoes,
    And started to lose,
    Now her frame is a lean one.

    (that’s me!)

  112. The road before me calls my name
    To get in the game
    and Feel no pain
    for there is so much to gain
    by letting the air flow
    right to my toes
    in a sleek pair of Mizunos!

  113. The freedom to run is par to none
    The fun, the sun, and running with my hun
    It makes us healthy and fit, that is why we love it
    It melts our stresses away, and keeps our weight at bay
    This is why we run each and every day

  114. I’ve dabbled in running, and might I say it’s grand!
    By far, my favorite place to run is in the sand!

  115. Dear pink and purple Nike Frees..
    let me count the ways I love thee.
    You make my feet feel light as air..
    I’ve never noticed that harsh pavement there.
    Even after I drug you through the puddles and the mud..
    you stood by me, helped me drop those pounds..
    now I’m skinny like J. Hud!
    I promise to run with you until your soles wear thin..
    and even on that super sad day.. when..
    you are called to running shoe Heaven,
    I will always think fondly of the day my feet met you
    in the year two thousand eleven! 🙂

  116. Life at my own pace
    A time for me
    The rain on my face
    Or some Vitamin D
    A sense of pride
    Enjoy the ride
    Life’s too short and sweet
    Not to get out and use your feet.

  117. My butt is wide
    and my legs they do jiggle.
    When I run aat my snails pace,
    some can’t help but giggle.

    I won’t let that get me
    all down in the dumps,
    My protein shake brings the boys to the yard,
    and isn’t full of lumps.

    I’m proud to hit the pavement
    with all of my might,
    it’s much more effective than on the couch
    and out of sight!

  118. I usually run at six,
    but now its after ten,
    gotta get my lazy butt in gear
    because running is ALWAYS a win!

  119. I used to hate to run,
    As it caused pain from my feet to my bum.
    But now I’m older and wiser,
    And know it’s worth the pain to keep that bum from growing wider!

  120. I run because it makes me feel
    Like I can do anything in real
    Mile 1, 5 ,8, or 10 the longer I go
    the stronger I feel.

  121. I love to run because I never thought I could.
    I love to run because I LOVE food.
    I love to run because it is my time away.
    I love to run because I have a body that is healthy and I owe it to keep it that way.
    I love to run to set an example for my kiddos.
    I love to run because it keeps me mellow.

  122. I never thought I’d conquer running,
    In spite of my fit physique.
    But now I’m training for a half-marathon,
    And I can’t wait to hit the streets!
    My goal was to run a half before 40 rolled around,
    It looks like I’ll make it, if my confidence abounds.
    I can’t wait for September, to prove to ME
    That I can indeed conquer running, and happy I’ll be!

  123. I never thought I’d like to run,
    It just never seemed that fun.

    But then I got a dog,
    and he is always up for a jog.

    But I am halfway through the couch potato to 5K,
    Because I have discovered that running is okay!

    I could really use this new pair of shoes,
    Cause my current running shoes have a bad case of the worn out blues!

  124. When I’m running, I feel like a fighter.
    If I owned the Mizuno Wave Rider,
    I know I would feel even lighter!

  125. I started running a year ago, and can’t believe how great I feel today! I could really use a new pair of running shoes, since my older daughter washed mine in her brand new washer, which steams, and they came apart! 🙁

  126. When running, I do it for fun,
    For fitness, and toning my bum
    With bright new Mizunos,
    I’d be numero uno
    Maybe not, but at least I’d beat some

  127. I’d never thought I could say,
    Screw the couch and chips, I’ll run all day.

    I might not be the best,
    And I might not beat all the rest.

    But I love to run,
    Who cares if you win, as long as you’re having fun?

  128. Running for me isn’t always a race,
    It’s not always from the beginning to end.
    It not always at a puma’s pace,
    It’s just for me, so why pretend.
    This battle started deep within,
    a challenge for my health you see.
    For my husband, son?…NO. Just for ME!
    My form may not be spot on,
    actually quite awkward…at best.
    I do it for the inner voice, who cheers me on each stride.
    No matter how huge, a HOT mess I am outside.
    Some people cherish their medals,
    I cherish my sweat.

  129. i’ll run for my heart,
    with heart.
    i’ll start.
    in part,
    because of your help,
    i’ll help
    as well
    as my family.
    i believe
    i’ll achieve

  130. I love to run because it’s fun
    I love to run because of the sun
    I love to run because of my jiggly buns
    I love to run because there’s nothing else
    like the love to run

  131. As a mother of 2 athletic children, I don’t have a lot of spare time for myself but running has been my fit therapy. Running put the spark back in my marriage and my life with my new found energy! I would never be able to justify spending this much on something for myself but how awesome would this fit bottom girl be sporting them?!?!

  132. My running partner’s name is bellatrix
    She is always in the need for a running fix
    She is a dog and thought it would be fun,
    To tear up the tool that helps me run.
    My old running shoes torn to shreads,
    I was so angry I needed some meds.
    A college student with no money,
    I am so broke it is not even funny.
    Minimum wage job does not pay well,
    Winning some new shoes would sure be swell!
    Running is my stress release from college test,
    and without shoes I will be out of shape like all the rest!
    Running helps me leave it all on the street,
    I need new shoes to protect my feet!

  133. Running is my sanity.
    Staying home and
    raising my family.
    so I lace it up.
    and hit the road.
    anytime, anywhere I go.
    run in the rain.
    run in the heat.
    even run when when i can’t feel my feet.
    Running is my vanity.

  134. Mizunos are my shoe of choice
    When I run in them my legs rejoice

    Running is never easy but it is always so much fun
    exercise is a way of life and that is why I run

    Because I can run and there are so many that are unable
    I run for me, I run for them,
    not to mention running keeps me stable!

  135. Running seemed so scary
    I’d never float like a fairy.
    My legs, short and stubby.
    Because I was just chubby!

    I started slow and don’tcha know,
    I’ve got 7 medals now to show.
    The weight starting dropping, now there was no stopping.

    Running is just something that keeps my heart a pumping!

  136. I run because I can. I run because others cannot. I run because when I train hard enough , I am not half bad at it. I run because it releases endorphines and relieves stress. I run because it keeps me in fantastic shape. I run because that is my time.

  137. Morning, noon or night
    Until I get it just right!

    Fartlek, fast or slow
    Just get up and GO!

    How many miles have you got?
    Just give it a shot!

    Reason I love running?!
    To be confident and stunning!

  138. I LOVE running cause it frees my mind and body and I can make personal challenges.

  139. I do not like to run I say
    I do not like to workout that way.
    I do not like to clip and clop
    I do not like to stop and drop.
    I run to make my heart grow strong
    I run to make my life years long!
    I run to make the cobwebs clear
    I run to calm my hurts and fears.
    I may not like to run each day.
    But I know I like my life this way!
    So run I will and run I might
    run my best till I take flight.

  140. There’s a scar on my left ankle
    Which reminds me of what I am capable
    I am able to run though told I could not
    Through pain and tears I have fought
    Now I run with the greatest of ease
    Through sand and under the trees
    That scar though not pretty reminds me
    Of how lucky I am to run and be free

  141. out of bed
    foot to pavement clears my head
    sweat and mud, rain or shine
    running is my ME time

  142. In my younger years,
    Running always gave me fears,
    Maturity helped me start little by little,
    and I’m working my way to be fit as a fiddle!

  143. I used to run just for me.
    I used to run so I could be free.
    Now I run for those who can not
    …Because I can.

  144. A huge congrats to…

    Aditi — #27
    LeeAnn — #146

    for winning this giveaway! YAY!!! I’ve either emailed you or DMed you on Twitter, so look for a message from us to get your sizes and mailing addresses!

    –FBG Jenn

  145. I love to run because i recently turned 50 and i never ever thought I could run!
    I ran my first Half marathon at age 49 and it was the most amazing accomplishment! It made me realize I could do anything i set my mind to!

  146. In a moment my life was changed, I was put to the test
    A driver under the influence could have put me to rest

    I lost my left leg and the person I knew
    Questions, dreams shattered with fear…what will I do?

    I decided there was only one option for me
    to fight back with passion, be who I’m meant to be

    Walk again, college cheer, lived life with fun
    Now the ultimate….learn how to run!!

    Learned how to love myself and how to run too
    When I run I feel like I’m brand new!

    With every stride I feel more alive
    And everything lights up inside

    Im running on a mission and I’m not done
    I’m conquering my dreams one by one

    Would love to take Mizuno with me on this journey
    to find out all that I can be!