Beating Pain During 10K Training With ThermaCare (With Giveaway!)

Just getting my 10K training on! Credit: Drew Ertle Photography

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You’ll hear more about this in the coming weeks, but we FBGs are training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll 10k in Brooklyn this October. And since I haven’t run a race since, oh, this 5K, I’ve had my work cut out for me. To get there, I’ve been doing two days a week of shorter two- or three-mile runs, and then a longer run on the weekends. So far, the longest I’ve hit is four miles. But I have five and six miles in my sights for later this month. Also in my sights? Getting relief from pain as soon as it starts.

Between my uber active vacation, CrossFit-style workouts and the recent 10K training, I’ve been busy. And I know from the ramped up activity, staying injury-free has to be my No. 1 priority. That means before and after every run and workout that I’m foam rolling and that when the slightest twinge of pain comes up—especially on my back, which tends to get tired after about three miles—out pops my ThermaCare Lower Back & Hip HeatWrap. After suffering and coming back from a booty injury (please, laugh at the irony) after my first (and probably only) full marathon, I take all of this so very seriously. ‘Cause you know what sucks? Pain. Pain sucks big time. And these ThermaCare wraps are giving me warm, muscle-loosening goodness for up to 16 hours to help defeat any back pain that creeps up. A true training essential!

Together we can defeat back pain!

Try ThermaCare Yourself By Winning a Prize Pack!

Are you training for a race or suffering from pain and could use some ThermaCare love, too? If so, we have the giveaway for you! ThermaCare is giving one lucky U.S. reader a ThermaCare Gift Pack with 16 ThermaCare Lower Back & Hip HeatWraps in it, so that no matter what race your training for or activity you’re doing, you can do it sans pain.

To enter to win, all you have to do is comment with your favorite race. It can be a 5K, a 10K, a marathon, a tri or anything other event—even if you haven’t done it yet! Although it’s certainly not required, we also encourage you to check out ThermaCare’s Rally for Relief campaign on Facebook. Not only can you make a super fun avatar of yourself being all fit (check out mine here), but also you can win some amazing prizes like $16,000. Now that would enter you in a lot of cool races, huh?

Here’s to training without back pain! —Jenn




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  1. I just ran my first 5K (my first race ever!) and I enjoyed myself so much I’m running another on the 22nd and contemplating a 10k in mid October! I know I could use some heat relief with this training regimen I’m about to embark on!

  2. I’m going to run my first 5K ever on Nov 3rd. I’ll be doing it with my sister and boyfriend and I am so thankful that I’ll have their support!

  3. I like running ANY race– to have something to train for is the whole point!
    Right now I’m training for a fall marathon.
    I have used a thermacare pack on my back before and it rocks!!!

  4. 5K’s are definitely my favorite. I’m envious of people who can run half and full marathons, but 14 years of competitive soccer took its toll on my knees, so I prefer to stick to short distances 🙂

  5. I’ve finished Couch to 5k, but I haven’t actually gotten to run one yet. 5k’s will probably still be my favorite though, I’m afraid I’d get bored on a longer run.

  6. My favourite run every year is our local “Freeze Your Buns Run” on Super Bowl Sunday. I like running in cold weather (minimal sweating) and afterwards the local Lions group makes a pancake breakfast for all the runners – so good!!

  7. I’m training for a marathon atm, but I think my fav distance will end up being 13.1 – I like being done in 2 hours or less! 🙂

  8. Running a half marathon in December, so I would love to give Thermacare a try! Half marathons are my favorite race – for me, not too long, not too short, just right!! Cheers!

  9. My favorite is triathlons. A little bit of 3 fun sports. I have mainly done sprint triathlons but this
    summer completed my first olympic distance. I took the step and signed up for my 1st half ironman next July. Only my family knows about it so far. I will need to ThermaCare when the
    training starts!

  10. I’m currently training for my first half-marathon in a couple of weeks, and this past weekend did my first-ever run over 10 miles. My legs were ssoo stiff and sore the next day, those heat wraps sure would have felt good!

  11. My favorite run so far this year was the June Survivor Mud Run in Carnation, WA. First time getting “down and dirty” and really challenging myself physically. Was a BLAST and totally worth it! (Although I sure could have used the heat wraps afterward!) I’m doing the Hell Run (Hell Yeah!) this Sat. 9/15, same place. I’ve done a chip-timed 5K every month so far this year and just started preparig for my first 10K. Went for a long run last night and feeling a sore hamstring today – could sure use the heat care right now!

  12. I’m currently training to run/walk the Las Vegas Rock & Roll Half Marathon on December 2nd to raise funds & awareness for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America. I’ve never run before (too chubby & out of shape) but I’m getting there!

  13. Short and sweet with the 5k. I put everything I can to use for my back pain. It’s usually not that bad if I stretch daily and do certain yoga-type exercises. Consistency is the key though! Thanks!

  14. My fave race distance is the half marathon. I especially love to travel out of town to run them. ThermaCare heat patches are the absolute best! I have tried other brands (Precise) and they do not compare. ThermaCare stay warm for over 8 hours and remain flexible (unlike others that get hard and stiff). I need a supply for the upcoming Fall race season!

  15. I’m getting ready to run my favorite 5K race. It is for our school. We help raise money for the kids, and I get to enjoy a terrific and fun race in my own neighborhood!

  16. My friends and I trained for a Tough Mudder that got canceled four hours before we were supposed to go – BUMMER. But it’s still my favorite race…and we’ll just keep training for it!

  17. My current goal is preparing to run my first ever 5k. The first step I took to begin training was getting up from the couch and onto my treadmill.:) I am also doing step aerobics at least 3 times per week to build up my stamina as well as the treadmill, and I can feel the difference with every workout. Completing this race will be a major milestone in my fitness journey. I am in it to win it!!!! I know that Thermacare will ease the pain and comfort my sore muscles.

  18. My favorite race is Tri for the Cure Colorado. Great cause, great atmosphere, great people, and always great fun!! It was my first Tri and I love, love, love it!!

  19. My favorite race is 5k. Did my first last week…. The Color Run… so fun. Deciding which one to do next.