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My Secret Weapon for Overcoming CrossFit Soreness (And How You Can Win It!)

thermacareThe following post is sponsored by ThermaCare. For our sponsored post policy, click here.

If you’ve ever done any kind of intense exercise, you know one thing that usually is a byproduct of said activity: soreness. Like the kind where it takes a bit of time and a big ol’ groan to get out of bed. Or takes serious determination to climb a flight of stairs at a normal pace without wincing with each step. Or requires bracing when you sit down to pee.

If you do CrossFit or any type of circuit-training, boot camp classes or endurance training/racing, you know what I’m talking about. I thought I’d been sore from workouts before, but nothing has compared to the soreness I experienced after running my first and only marathon (it was laughable how Tish and I couldn’t even walk the next day) and the recent soreness I had after the Throwdown event at my gym. This kind of soreness isn’t just uncomfortable—it’s downright debilitating.

Sure, I’m a glutton for punishment and kind of enjoy soreness as a badge of honor and pride that I definitely pushed my body to its extreme, but, come on. Pain stinks. And when soreness keeps you from being able to walk around, you need help. Which is just another reason why we love ThermaCare. Its one-time use HeatWraps deliver muscle-loosening goodness for a full 16 hours, which means you get almost a full day of pain relief!

Yep, I was sore after this workout.

A couple of weeks ago, I was pushing it pretty hard at the gym. We were doing kettlebell swings, snatches, wall-ball—all the makings of a crazy good workout. And it was. But when I got home, the back pain set in. Knowing that my muscles just needed a little TLC and a few days to recover, I strapped on one of the ThermaCare Lower Back & Hip HeatWraps, and it was like heaven. It loosened my back up and allowed me to move more like a human and less like a robot. It was a savior for sure and even allowed me enough mobility to do some stretching, which I know my body needed, too.

How to Win Some ThermaCare for Your Bad Self

In a nutshell, ThermaCare Lower Back & Hip HeatWraps help to keep you active and doing all of the activities that you love. So that you guys can experience the ThermaCare awesomeness, too, we’re doing another giveaway! ThermaCare is giving one lucky U.S. reader a ThermaCare Gift Pack with 16 ThermaCare Lower Back & Hip HeatWraps in it. Sixteen HeatWraps that give 16 hours of pain relief? Well, that’s a giveaway of 256 hours of muscle love. You’re welcome.

Want to win it? All you have to do is comment with what workout left you sooo sore you couldn’t move either. Although it’s not required, we’d also love if you’d check out ThermaCare’s Rally for Relief campaign on Facebook here. Not only can you make a super-fun avatar of yourself doing the activities you love, but you can win some HUGE prizes, like trips to go scuba diving in Cancun (man, I need to win that to check that off my fitness bucket list!) or skiing in Park City, Utah.

Good luck, ladies! And here’s to an active and pain-free summer! —Jenn


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