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What’s on Jenn’s Fitness Bucket List?

We’re talking fitness bucket lists—you know, the stuff we want to do before we die—for this edition of Question of the Week! Yeah, it’s a little morbid, but it’s fun to share the stuff we really, really want to do!


When we first decided on this fitness-bucket list topic (inspired by FitFluential!), I was like, “easy!” There’s sooo much I want to do. Of course, No. 1 on my list (’cause I’d made this list at the beginning of the year and taped it to the back of my dream board) was to meet Bob Harper. Which isn’t really fitnessy, but then again it is. And I totally did it and then some. You know, in case you missed it—which you probably didn’t since we dedicated a whole week of content to Bob. So there’s one down!

And then two others that made my list I currently have plans to do THIS YEAR. Insane-o. The other two? Here’s hoping I check them off my fitness bucket list sooner than later. Because, guys, I really, really want to do them!

5 Items on My Fitness Bucket List

1. Do 15 pull-ups in a row. Last year, my dream was to do one “real” unassisted pull-up. And now I can do five of them in a row! I’m hoping to get that number up to 10 by the end of this year, and think I can. But 15 in a row? Well, that definitely seems fitness-bucket-list worthy! (And once I do “pull” this off—har har—I think I’ll also be ready to compete in, not just “complete,” this event.)

2. Go backpacking in the Tetons. You guys know how much I love camping and backpacking, right? Well, usually Ryan I go the Rocky Mountain National Park to get our fix, as it’s only a 10-hour or so drive. This year, we planned to do that again only to have a series of unforeseen events (our backpacking buddy hurt his back and there’s that whole wild fire thing…) cause us to change our travel plans. So while backing packing in Grand Teton National Park has been on my fitness bucket list for YEARS, just last week, we decided to drive through Colorado and on to Wyoming in late July. I could not be more stoked. You’ll hear plenty about how it goes!

3. Do The Color Run. I’ve only had about a million people tell me how awesomely fun The Color Run is. I’m all for active things where you have an excuse to dress up in a tutu and scream when bright colors are sprayed on you, so bring it.

4. Go scuba diving somewhere tropical and awesome. I’ve been snorkeling, and it was damn fun and beautiful. I figure I should attempt the real thing—and do it somewhere super beautiful like Hawaii or Australia or, really, anywhere outside of the Midwest.

5. Run a race in New York City. I’ve run a half marathon in San Fran, which was pretty darn surreal. But I would love, love, love to run a race in NYC. There’s something about all the people and running all over that island that just makes my heart skip a beat. Spoiler alert: The whole FBG team will be doing this 10K in October. SO. PUMPED. Again, you’ll be hearing much, much more about it in the coming weeks!

What’s not on my fitness bucket list? A year or so ago I probably would have had “run a triathlon” and “run another marathon” on my list, but with all of the training and my past booty injury, it’s just not something I’m itching to do. And should your fitness bucket list be full of stuff that excites you to no end? I think so.

I guess the real joy of having a fitness bucket list is checking things off, and then adding new to-dos to it, eh? What’s on your fitness bucket list? —Jenn

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