Burn, Baby, Burn with Mike Donavanik’s Extreme Burn DVD

I was recently talking with a co-worker of mine about health and fitness in the workplace. Since I am trying to start a fitness revolution in our office (I’ll let you know how that goes!), he mentioned the need and availability of quick, to-the-point, body-burning workout DVDs. Of course, I couldn’t agree more, so when I was done with Mike Donavanik’s Extreme Burn DVD, I had to pass it along.

There are three workouts on the DVD, but Donavanik’s first two 40-minute workouts are intense, high energy and total body burners. He is VERY upbeat, and if it wasn’t for the fact that he is on the TV, he’d probably have earned a few bumps and bruises for working me to the bone by now.

The key to his workouts are compound movements. Each sequence works multiple body parts at one time. For example, you’ll experience a plank to a push-up, to a pop up, then a clean and press, all in the same breath…okay, maybe two. Each workout begins with a five-minute warm up, and then he dives into tons of compound movements that you’ve never dreamt of putting together. Let’s just say “keep the body guessing” is an understatement. When your heart is pumping and your focus is making sure you master the combinations, you won’t really hear the music, but it does provide a background beat to keep pace to. The sequences are completed in 30- or 60-second increments and NO that is not a short amount time, especially when you have to conduct a multitude of curls to presses. Ouch!

Once your arms are aching to be put down, you’ll jump into a cardio burst. Thirty-second spurts are deceptively exhausting and, the worst part is, once you’ve been tortured and applaud yourself for being finished, you have to do it again! I probably hate “repeats” as much as I hate running in circles, even though the payout is rewarding. Once your arms have regenerated some energy, it’s back to the weights. Each workout finishes with an abdominal routine (that repeats…just sayin’) and a cool down.

I found the second workout to be slightly harder than the first, but if you want the Extreme burn Donavanik promises in the DVD title, then Workout 3 would be your calling. Workout 3 challenges and pushes your limits by combining Workout 1 and 2, creating an 80-minute hardcore workout. You’ll definitely be huffing and puffing no matter what weights you use, so please bring a variety (one set of dumbbells from 3 to 5 pounds and 5 to 8 pounds). The last thing we want is for our Fit Bottomed Girls to be getting injured when we have tons of other workouts to try!

Extreme Burn also includes downloadable bonus features, which consist of a workout calendar, a journal, a healthy eating guide, a food log and other useful items to help you reach your goals. If you follow his plan to a “T,” he claims that you should be able to transform your body in six weeks! I’d say give it a try and share your transformations. If you can’t commit to six weeks, don’t fret. This DVD still provides a great workout. Two of my co-workers have already given it a try!

FBG Rating (Out of 5):
Instruction: ★★★★
Long-Term Likeability: ★★★
Music: ★1/2
Fun Factor: ★★★
Meets Expectations: ★★★★
Overall: ★★★1/2

Fit Bottomed Line: In this intermediate to advanced workout, there aren’t many modifications to his exercises, so take it slow and build up to his level. You don’t have to complete the same amount of reps and jumps to get your body pumping. Respect your limits.

Ever tried one of Mike Donavanik’s workouts? What are some of your favorite compound exercises? –Raquel



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