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Behind the Scenes With Jillian Michaels


Last week, I took you behind the scenes with nutrition expert Joy Bauer when I recently got to sit in on media interviews at Sweat AC. After a killer boot camp workout with Jillian Michaels, I was really excited to get to chat with her. Just like Joy, I feel like we could have kept her there chatting for hours, but instead we had just 30 minutes of fit fun. Questions about The Biggest Loser and her kids weren’t allowed, but I jumped in quick-fast-in-a-hurry to ask how motherhood has rocked her fitness world. Below are just a few of the notable moments with Jillian!

9 Things You Might Not Know About Jillian Michaels

1. She’s funny. Seriously, she had everyone cracking up with her frank responses to questions.

2. &%@! She is so not afraid to drop an F-bomb.

3. She travels heavy. She brought the whole family from the West Coast to Atlantic City for Sweat AC and some East Coast business. This made me feel not so weird dragging my whole family to the conference just a couple of hours south of my home!

4. Run? No fun. She hates running “more than anything on the planet” and says it “sucks so bad.” And? Those people who say that they get to the point where they could just happily run forever? Never happens for Jillian. This also made my day, as it’s known around here that I hate running too (even though I’m doing it).

5. Mama in charge. Says she’s “kind of a bitch” with her kids when it comes to food. No surprise, as she also told us that she doesn’t eat chemicals or artificial anything, ever. She says the kids don’t know to ask for McDonald’s because they don’t go to McDonald’s. Sounds familiar.

6. Favorite splurge. Her big splurge is Unreal candy, healthier versions of popular candy favorites that are made without the junk.

7. Never skips meals, ever. She doesn’t know how anyone would have the discipline to do that.

8. Aims for four workouts a week. She tries to fit in four workouts a week and will strap the baby on for a hike or use the jogging stroller. She’ll also use friends and family to help her get things done.

9. Not a morning person. Jillian will not get up at 5:30 in the morning to workout while the kids sleep. She  not only refuses to do it but says “no, dear God no” when asked if she’s a morning person. Love it.

Not a morning person? Hates running? I think Jillian and I would be fab friends! —Erin


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