Welcome to the First-Annual Fit Bottomed College Week!

College can be one of the fittest—or least fit—times of your life… Credit: poeloq

College is a time of many firsts. And I’m not just talking about awkward sexual encounters and mistakenly thinking a keg-stand will be “really fun.” (Okay, they kind of are—BUT they never lead to anything good. If you’ve never done one, just trust us.) We’re talking about fitness firsts in college! College is usually the first time in your life when you’re free—free to work out, free to eat greasy cheese pizza at 3 a.m. and free to set up habits that can set the stage for a healthy rest of your life.

Whether you’re planning to go to college, are in college now or are an alum of this or that university, this whole week we’ll be talking about college fitness. From reliving our own personal fitness experiences while in school to tips to not fall into the Freshman 15 trap to a workout you can do in a small space (hellooo, dorm room) plus profiles of some of the coolest college rec centers in the country (these places make our fit bottoms twitch with jealousy with how rad they are!), we’ll share posts that will help you make the most of your college experience or help you to remember those college glory days. Because seriously, is there really anything better than college? We think not. (And we’re full of college nostalgia this time of year with Homecoming and all!)

So, let’s college fitness it up! Be sure to check out all of our special Fit Bottomed College Week content here! —Jenn

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