Were You Fit in College?

Did you get your dance cardio on in college? Credit: roanokecollege

You heard all about Erin’s, Tish’s, Kristen’s and my college fitness experiences this week for Fit Bottomed College Week, and today we want to hear about yours. Whether your college glory days are in the past or you’re living them right now, do tell what it was/has been like for you!

This should be a fun one, eh? Please do elaborate in the comments. Man, I feel nostalgic this week… —Jenn

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  1. Julia says:

    I wish I had been fit in college. Thankfully I have been affected with AOA (Adult Onset Athleticism)!!

  2. Sarah Jo says:

    I held my own in college, especially freshman and sophomore years. Junior and senior years I was deep into working a part-time job, studying for upper-level classes, and in a serious relationship, so fitness tapered off some. Grad school (+ 45-minute communte + “grad school poor” + new marriage) is what killed me though. Zero time for working out — or it wasn’t a priority. Come to think of it, I started running 5Ks in grad school…

  3. Arien says:

    I’m finishing my last year of college, and while I’m not a beast, I’ve been steadily progressing towards being more fit and active. No regrets here! I’m trying to take full advantage of the awesome resources available while I’m still in school.

  4. digamba says:

    I had to walk everywhere–I didn’t have a car. I started on a really small campus but I had to walk 30 minutes each way to get anywhere off campus, including my grandma’s house (where I could access free food and coffee!). Then I transferred to a gigantic state university and EVERYTHING was a long walk from everything–there were buses, but often they were full or waiting for them would have made me late for class. I had a 5:45 a.m. job that was a 20-minute walk from my house, etc. I did get chubby when I first moved in with a roommate whose parents sent goodies, but once I moved off campus and had to walk farther, it dropped right off. I took a weight training class for my gym elective and am still using those principles of lifting today…25 years later. I wish I could go back and tell my instructor that I did finally succeed in doing unassisted pull-ups.