Brooks Running Has Created a Winter Running Utopia

It’s that time again—time for another one of Tish and Jenn’s Brooks Running reviews! This month, we’ve been testing (and enjoying the absolute heck out of) two items from the company’s Utopia line. Which, when you wear it, really does make you feel like you’re living in a running utopia—especially because it keeps you so roasty and toasty when out for a run in the wintery weather!

Women’s Utopia Thermal Hoodie II

I know hoodies have gotten a bad rap lately due to recent tragedies,but today we’re breaking the hoodie hate and spreading the love! I LOVE Brooks’ Utopia Thermal Hoodie II. Our 10K run buddy, Alyson, rocked one during our race and I was so jealous. The warmth, the lightness, the color, the hole for a gal’s ponytail! Ahhh, it was a green-eyed fest I tell you! But then I received one to try and peace and love was restored. In the history of all fitness jackets, this one takes my cake. If you NEED a hoodie that’s well made, good quality, serves purpose, etc., then you won’t mind the $110 price tag. Read: This isn’t a whimsical, mindless purchase! This is for someone who’s seriously been looking for a good running jacket; not just something to wear to the grocery store. I got the purple one and wear it all the time. LA has had ridiculously warm weather so I curse the sun every time it’s too warm to wear it. I truly love it that much. I named it I love it so much. It’s my Purple People Eater. I get sad when she starts to stink and I have to wash her because she can’t be dried. I have to give her a break for a day or so until she’s ready. It’s a sad time.

Overall pros: Comfortable, clever and cute. Overall cons: The darn price is a tad on the Daddy Warbucks side, but again, if it’s something you need then you’re making a wise investment.

Women’s Utopia Thermal Cozy Pant

Don’t get me wrong; I love my fall running tights. But sometimes a girl just needs something a bit more snuggly than straight up Spandex–which is exactly where the Brooks’ Utopia Thermal Cozy Pant comes into play. With a slight bootcut fit at the ankles and more room to let your legs breathe, these pants totally live up to the name. Lined with a soft, fleece-y type interior, these just feel so, well, cozy.

While they may be a bit bulky for a long run (or a run where you’re trying to set a PR), I adore them for weight-lifting, casual jogs in cold weather and—okay, I’ll admit—lounging around the house. At $75, they’re not cheap, but as we’ve learned month after month in these unpaid reviews, Brooks Running is quality. (Plus, these Utopia pants don’t collect dog hair, which, for me, is worth at least an extra $30 in saving my sanity and helping me not look like a disheveled crazy person.) And these are particularly flattering, especially in the booty area, where you can even get a pop of color (I recommend the purple). Smooth on the outside and soft in the inside, they keep you warm and make you want to just cozy on up. The epitome of running utopia if you ask us!

Do you agree with our reviews of the Brooks Utopia line? Love ponytail exits and cozy running pants, too? Tell us all about it! —Jenn & Tish


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