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Embrace Your Inner Kiddo (and Natural Fitness Ability!) With MovNat Workouts

Taking MovNat Home

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Take your fitness to the park! Credit: stevendepolo

The workshop was amazing, but it didn’t stop there. As a mom of two little girls, I didn’t expect what I learned at the workshop to carry over into everyday life the way that it has. I’ve become much more aware of efficiency in my own everyday movements—while picking up toys in a squatting position or lifting heavy objects, for example. I’m also making a (very) slow transition to minimal footwear and barefoot running.

At the end of the workshop, Jeff let us loose on the playground. Really, I’m not kidding. The workshop was held outdoors at this awesome playground, and the weather was beautiful. As we practiced our movements on the playground (to the shock and dismay of the parents sitting on the sidelines), I found myself having a lot of fun. I felt like a kid again. Instead of walking around an obstacle, I tried to figure out the craziest way to overcome it. As a mom, this element of play and spontaneity was perhaps the biggest carryover from the workshop. The movements we learned (or re-learned, to be more precise), are great to do with kids because they are natural and fun.

Now, when I need a computer break, my 4-year-old daughter and I get outside and “do some MovNat,” as she says. We have an obstacle course in the backyard and instead of just watching her do it, like I used to before the workshop, I get in there with her and crawl, jump, run and throw big rocks. I even play on the playground with her instead of bringing my book or other distraction. Do I get weird looks? Honestly, I don’t know. That was, perhaps, the biggest lesson I learned at the workshop—just let go, have fun and move the way your body is made to move. If you have a hard time doing that, whether it’s due to self-consciousness or lack of mobility, ask your kids to help you. They’re old pros.

Do you hit up the playground for workouts too? Do you pay attention to your natural movements throughout the day? —Nicole

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