Sipping on Oolong Tea for Weight-Loss

Sip on a cup of oolong tea.

Sip on a cup of oolong tea, which has the greatest polyphenol count of all the teas!

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We here at FBG are big tea fans. In fact, we’re not sure if there’s a tea we don’t like because not only is tea a non-calorie drink, but also it’s delicious and really good for you! We recently were introduced to Oolong tea, and dudettes, it’s like the mother of healthy tea and is a fabulous addition to any healthy eating plan, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

What makes Oolong tea stand out is its polyphenol count. Polyphenols are powerful little antioxidants that are found in many plant forms, including tea, wine, nuts, fruits and vegetables. And amongst green tea, black tea and even the weight-loss hyped up green coffee bean, Oolong tea has the greatest polyphenol count of all the teas.

This high polyphenol count gives you mad good, non-jittery energy. I’ve been sipping on the stuff for a few weeks now and have noticed a definite perk-up after a cup. I enjoy having one in the morning and then again after lunch. (My only tip? Be sure to stick to the tea’s steep time of three to five minutes or risk it losing its nice flavor and becoming a little bitter.)

Two cups a day to better health and more natural energy!

Two cups a day to better health and more natural energy!

While Oolong tea contains 10 times the antioxidants found in many fruits and vegetables and double the amounts of other tea polyphenols, because of the quality of the tea leaves and the high altitude, Wu-Long Tea produces an even higher amount of tea polyphenols. The company sources its tea directly from tea masters from the Wuyi region in the Fujian province of China, a region widely regarded as one of the purest places on earth. In fact, the region is so pristine that much of Mount Wuyi is located in an officially designated Bio-Reserve and is recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not to mention that Okuma Nutritional takes great pride in its customer support and loves interacting and supporting the well-being of its tea drinkers on its blog.

Bottom line, Wu-Long Tea is worth trying. It’s no magic bullet or quick fix, but if you’re looking to boost your weight loss in the New Year or you’re just wanting to feel better through improved nutrition, this Oolong tea is worth sipping on.

And the more Oolong Tea you drink, the healthier you are! Now how many drinks can you say that about?! —Jenn

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