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Vitamin Gum: The Next Big Thing?

Chew for a healthier heart?

Chew for a healthier heart? This gum supplement is full of resveratrol.

It seems that we’re all trying to squeeze more nutritional goodies into our lives these days. Case in point, a new trend we’re starting to see pop up more and more: vitamin or supplement gum. Unlike other gum flavors that try to replicate dessert-y goodness (I’m looking at you, Extra), these use gum more as a vehicle to deliver nutrients or vitamins than to satisfy a craving for Apple Pie. (However, what if they were able to do both—and do so naturally? Head would be officially blown.)

The first we recently tried? Heart Strong Gum, a gum supplement that has 40 times more resveratrol than a glass of wine in each piece. While we certainly aren’t looking to replace our nightly glass of red wine (where’s the fun in that?!), the idea to chew your way to a healthier heart is pretty cool. Not to mention that the manufacturer says that chewing gum is a better way for your body to absorb vitamins and minerals versus the regular pill form. While it’s not the best tasting piece of gum we’ve ever chewed, it’s slightly peppermint-y and a touch chalky. Probably not something you’d crave, but not bad to chew.

We also recently tried Immuno Gum, another vitamin-enrichment gum, that claims to boost your immunity with zinc, vitamin C, echinacea and elderberry. This one came in our monthly BuluBox (don’t forget that you can try a month free by being an FBG reader—deets here!). Like the Heart Strong Gum, it’s not a flavor we’d crave every day, but it’s not terrible by any means. Immuno Gum has that kind of zinc-like tinny flavor at first, but the Mixed Berry Flavor we tried was pretty nice. And with the flu going around like it is, it’s kind of nice to be able to pop a little something that might help keep it away.

A couple other things to mention: these are priced more like supplements than your usual gum that’s sold at the checkout. So know that. Also, like all other supplements, they’re not evaluated by the FDA and it’s not fully proven that they will do exactly what they say they will do. But, like we said, that’s the deal with all supplements.

What do you think about this new vitamin gum and supplement gum trend? You on board? Wanna chew your way to nutrition? Or still prefer to nosh on whole foods and/or pop a multivitamin? We’re curious to see how this trend continues… —Jenn

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