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Oh, Flu, I Hate You

To work out or not to work out when sick. That is the question! Credit: sunshinecity

The Kleenex box and I are very friendly right now. Credit: sunshinecity

Why is it that we only appreciate our healthy bodies to their fullest when we’re not at our healthiest? It seems that we take for granted all of their natural abilities when something knocks us down. We’ve seen it with Jenn and her broken bum. We’ve seen it with Tish and her darn acid reflux. We’ve seen it with Kristen when her TMJ flares up. I’ve even demonstrated it myself with knee pain and pain during my pregnancy. I guess it’s just easier to appreciate our butts, digestive systems, jaws and knees when they’re broken.

After spending the last 10 or so days tending to my sick kids, I’m sick. I guess you can only expect it when someone is coughing directly in your face for a week. I have no medical confirmation that it’s flu, but it’s bad. The no appetite, fever, chills, no-one-in-the-history-of-the-world-has-been-this-sick kind of sick.

My eyes were burning, watering. I was shivering out of control. I ate three crackers in 24 hours, and I do not skip meals. Ever. I got in bed Sunday afternoon at 4 p.m. and didn’t get out until 9 a.m. the next morning except to pee, deal with my nose and take care of my kids in the middle of the night. And being so damn sick, I started thinking about my capable non-ill self. Why isn’t she out running marathons, daily? Why isn’t she cooking four-course meals more often? Heck, daily, after those marathons? Why is she not doing back flips even though she has no history of having any gymnastic ability of that caliber?

Point is, compared to feeling like I’m on my deathbed (I only half jokingly asked for my mommy, it was that bad), I feel like I’ll be able to do anything when I’m running on all cylinders again. And I’m further reminded to appreciate my strong, healthy bod every day that it is so.

Have you avoided the Terrible Awful that is going around right now? What do you appreciate most when you’re down and out? —Erin

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  1. T.L. says:

    I haven’t gotten the flu but I do have a cold…but what is really keeping me down is a shoulder injury that seems to be getting worse. I can’t play my favorite sport of beach volleyball or do yoga, which I really need right now. I never could fully appreciate how good it feels to be able to move my arm any which way without pain. It’s tough.

  2. Emily says:

    I like to try and stave off any sickness by taking vitamins and staying active. I wash my hands frequently and stray away from sick people. It becomes seriously debilitating any time I get the flu, like to the point I can’t move. So I really try not to get sick.

    I also like to just think to myself that I am not going to get sick. This really seems to help and once I think otherwise, I usually do come down with something. I really don’t appreciate my body enough either. It is truly remarkable how awesome my body is after all I put it through day in and day out.

    Thanks for the food for thought.

  3. I usually get sick – REALLY sick- about once a year. With the flu season the way it is this year I got it, and I even had the flu shot! As a very active person it is hard to see your body completely drained of ALL energy and strength. I could barely lift the remote much less a dumbell. In a way getting really sick is a reminder of how amazing our bodies are on a daily basis, AND how important it is to take complete care of it. Plus once we are ready for another workout when we are well, there is a new motivation that drives us.

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