What’s Your Favorite Part of the Super Bowl?

Do goodies like this make you psyched for the Super Bowl? Credit: Kid's Birthday Parties
Do goodies like this make you psyched for the Super Bowl? Credit: Kid’s Birthday Parties

It’s almost Super Bowl party-party time! This “holiday” isn’t known for being the healthiest—after all, most of us sit around watching TV and eating—but we were wondering what you’re most pumped about. Or maybe you’re forgoing a Super Bowl celebration altogether? We’ll be enjoying a couple of beers, making some of these roasted almonds and hopefully laughing at commercials (fingers crossed they’re good this year!) and oohing and ahhing at some good football plays. We may even bust out this interactive football game workout. What about you?

Have another answer? Or wish to elaborate? Hit us with it in the comments for a touchdown! (Sorry—had to do at least one bad football pun!) —Jenn



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