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FBG Tish’s Letter to Dudes Everywhere: The Not-So-Sweet Smell of Hard Work

Remember how last year Gal Josefsberg wrote this amazingly inspiring letter to women of the world telling us all that we are perfect as we are? Well, this year for Fit Bottomed Dude’s Week we’re taking that concept and flipping it. Every day this week each FBG will share her very own personal letter to the guys of the world.

Credit: SuperFantastic

Credit: SuperFantastic

Dear Men of the World,

Oh, how I love thee, let me count the ways! Because I love you, I think I can share some truth with you. The gym is for working out and getting your sweat on. We women know this. We expect stink and funk. But remember that the next time you try to holla at the chest-press machine. While we appreciate the hard workout you’ve just completed to earn that stink, it’s not the time or place (literally since my face is uncomfortably close to your brand of junk) to woo me with words.

If you must talk to the dream girl you saw squatting ridiculous amounts of weight, wait until the pivotal moment…the moment you’ve showered. To further drive home my plea I give thee a poem:

Man, oh man, there’s no question at all

Your workout ethic is sexy, but your nose has some gall.

How dare it not smell what we girls smelled today

There were hints of booty…your armpits made me sway.

So take my advice. When we turn away and scowl

It’s not you we detest, it’s your funk that’s so foul.

So hit us up before the workout. Or post-shower is fine.

It’s sweet to meet at the gym, but ball stink crosses the line.


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