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Crunch Your Chia With LesserEvil Chia Crisps

Say “chia” and our ears perk up. Say “chips made of chia?” And, well, we are ready to crunch! Like now. And crunch is what we did when LesserEvil (a company whose Krinkle Sticks we’ve already declared as “cannot eat just one” worthy) sent us two of its new Chia Crisps flavors: Southern Barbeque, and Feta and Black Olive. Gluten-free, all-natural, not genetically mutated (er, we mean MODIFIED) and with no cholesterol, milk hormones or trans fat, these were already off to a good start…

Feta and Black Olive

There’s a time and a place for plain potato chips. But these Chia Crisps are not that time. Both varieties we tried had BOLD flavors. Maybe just a touch on the salty side, the Feta and Black Olive Chia Crisps were light, crunchy and filling. Full of fiber, omega-3s and antioxidants (did we mention we like chia?), they are zesty, savory and creamy—all at the same time. And while we wish the ingredient list was just a tad cleaner, it’s not terrible and the Greek flavor is really fun. We imagine that they’d be highly delicious dipped into tzatziki. Certainly, the nutrition facts beat the heck out of your ordinary chip. Opa!

Southern Barbeque

Being that I’m from Kansas City, I have opinions about barbeque. Strong opinions. And these chips? Well, they’re more North Carolina and Memphis, but that’s okay. They DO have “Southern” in the title, and they’re definitely hard to put down. A touch sweet and very smokey, they kind of make you want to pop a light beer in the backyard and play some lawn games. Which is awesome. And what we said about the nutritionals and ingredient list above? Ditto on these.
Overall, we give these Chia Crisps a hearty and yumtastic thumbs up! Full of flavor and nutrition, they are certainly a better-for-you snack. Hot dang! 

Do you like superfoods like chia in snackable form? Find that you can’t just have one either? Have a strong preference when it comes to barbeque style? —Jenn

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