FBG 5-Year Birthday Thursday Giveaway: A Pair of Brooks Running Shoes!

Chose your own adventure, by choosing your Pure Project shoe!
Choose your own adventure by choosing your Pure Project shoe!

Remember those cool Choose Your Own Adventure books? We do, and we were obsessed with them. Which is why we’re so excited about today’s Five-Year Birthday Week giveaway courtesy of the amazing Brooks Running—it’s kind of like those books! We give you a few parameters, you make a decision and then the fitness adventure begins!

Here’s how it works: you scour the Brooks Running PureProject site for the shoe you want here (our recommendations and rave review can be found here), and then you leave a comment telling us what shoe from the PureProject line (PureDrift, PureConnect 2, PureFlow 2, PureCadence 2 or PureGrit 2) you have selected for your adventure, and then tell us what fit adventure you’d like to tackle with them on! Fun, right? We’ll select a lucky random U.S. reader to win in about a week and notify her via email and in the comments.

So let’s get to it—choose your own fit adventure! —Jenn


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  1. I like the PureGrit 2 shoe. I would love to take them on my favorite hiking and running trails.

  2. I would love to try the Pure Cadence 2! I’m very intrigued by minimalist shoes AND Brooks is my faaaaaaaavorite brand 🙂

  3. I would love to try the PureGrit. I’m just getting into running and really enjoy being out on the trail. Right now its with my bike but I would love to try some running.

  4. I’d LOVE the Pure Flow 2. I’ve had my eye on them for marathon training that’s starting up in late June.

  5. PureCadence might be just the thing to help align my feet and legs so I can get past the half marathon mark and into training for a full!!!

  6. I want to try the Women’s puregrit 2, I just bought my first running Brooks shoes and love love love them. Now want to try the trail shoes, I run more on trails than road.

  7. I would have to go with the PureGrit 2. Although I plan to do most of my jogging and running on treadmills this year, I wouldn’t mind getting onto some trails. Yesterday my “adventure” happened to be chasing my stubborn dog several blocks, through front yards, and believe me… the shoes I had on made a big difference.

  8. Would love the PureGrit2, as I want to start some more trail running – it’s always so much more interesting than just running on the road.

  9. Pure Cadence 2! I’ve never tried Brooks Running shoes, but if I like them, I might convert:)

  10. purecadence. i’ve got a half marathon coming up in august and i’m fairly certain the current shoes i’ve got our slowing me down

  11. I want to try to PureCadence! As a BAD over-pronator, I have trouble finding comfy shoes that help with this problem–these look amazing. The adventure I want to try is to move from walking and jogging, to straight jogging!

  12. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE brooks! PureFlow2 all the way 🙂 I started running last year, suffered a few beginners injuries… but now I’m back even more determined and ready to tackle some more half marathons and PureFlow2’s are the way to do it!

  13. I like the PureConnect2’s…I love me a good minimal shoe! As for an adventure…I guess I’d say run a 10k. It’s not crazy adventurous, but even though I’ve run half-marathons (ugh), I’ve never actually run a 10k race and I think I’d like it!

  14. I would love to take the PureFlow 2 on my next big running adventure – Ragnar Ontario. My first relay race, and my first visit to Niagara Falls! And I love Brooks, I’ve been wearing the Ghost for most of my runs lately.

  15. I LOVE Brooks shoes and want to try the PureCadence 2! My adventure is to go from walking to running so that I can run my first 5K (all 5Ks that I’ve signed up for, I’ve walked).

  16. I run in Brooks Adrenaline now and would love to try the PureCadence 2 as I train for my first 100 miler. Not only would I be running footloose and fancy-free, I’d look super cool doing it in a sweet pair of Brooks 🙂

  17. Pure Flow2
    I would use them for running in the city. I live in Chicago and you have to find the balance between trail shoe and padded running shoe, the Pureflow seem to fit the bill. Fit girl in the city. 🙂

  18. Brooks shoes are so comfortable! I would LOVE to try the Pure Drift. I like to fins shoes that I can wear from the treadmill, to the road, down to the trails. I love that its light and has the split toe design!!

  19. I have slight overpronation, so I would choose the PureCadence 2! Together we would turn every day into an adventure! We would go on morning walks with my dog Starbuck, we would go on solo runs, and together we would increase our speed and set new PR’s! They would even come along with me on my honeymoon later this year as we trek through an island and run on the beach!

  20. I’d love to try the PureCadence 2 for my new 15K run class and training for the Napa Half in July! Running for wine! 🙂

  21. PureCadence2! Lightweight and supportive fits my needs. Just ran my first 5k and had so much fun I plan on using these sweet kicks to keep training for more races and even bring the doggies along for training!

  22. I am not a runner, in fact I don’t think i can do it at all! I recently had my second child and almost died during child birth. After such an experience, I have decided to not waste another minute of life. I have lost 53 lbs in five months and started to run. As a resident of the greater Boston area, I would be so proud to run the marathon some day! In order to do this, I need a good pair of shoes! Therefore, I choose the pureDrift! They seem like an excellent pair of shoes for a beginner like me!

  23. PureDrift! I would love to start running. It has been on my bucket list for a number of years.

  24. I would love the Pure Connect 2! I’m training for my first 10K and would love to wear them on that adventure of training and succeeding my first 10K!

  25. PureFlow 2, Love Brooks they are by far my favorite running shoes, I would Hike Palo Duro Canyon in my new shoes.

  26. I already have the Brooks pureconnect and love them, but I messed them up by wearing them while cycling (OOps!). I would love love love to have a pair of the pureflow2. I hear they are amazing. I recently moved from Pennsylvania to Alabama and there are so many beautiful parks here plus awesome weather and my adaventure would be to run every park/trail within a 2 hour radius of my home before winter!!! I love you FBG!

  27. I totally want the PureCadence 2!

    My adventure? Just regular old getting back into shape by running. 🙂 Probably a 5K or three.

  28. I like the pureflow 2. I lost 16lbs through lifestyle changes and would like to do my first triathlon in August. I think these shoes would be the perfect shoe for my new adventure!

  29. PURECADENCE2 or PUREGRIT2 – I recently started a FREE weekly Group Fitness Class in my hometown of about 100 people. We live in a rural, farming community and the nearest gym is about an hour away in all directions. After a weight loss of about 100 pounds I wanted to do something to help others… this is my way of doing just that! I run about 12 miles a week on gravel roads and was told to try Brooks. I am hoping to do a 5K with my class this Fall on my running route and would like to do so in a comfortable pair of shoes!

  30. Congrats on FIVE YEARS! That’s awesome! Love reading all your posts and your sense of humor 😉 I would pick Pure Grit 2 and take them along for a trail run with my pup!

  31. Pure flow2, would love to takle my first 5K with these without sacrificing comfort and cushion.

  32. I love the PureDrift shoes. Where couldn’t I go in these babies?! Mostly I want to use it to run on the beach and hit the trails.

  33. I would love the PureConnect2!
    I want to increase my speed this summer and plan on racing at least one race a week over the summer, too!

  34. Pure Flow!
    I’ve had my eye on these for a while and am looking forward to making the jump to Brooks! I’d mostly wear these as I up my mileage over the spring and summer.
    Happy Birthday!!!

  35. the pureflow 2 – i am the only person in my family that has never ran a marathon, and i’ve decided it’s time to change this and start training. a friend and i plan to start in june, and these would be a great new shoe to start my new little adventure.

  36. Love the PureConnect 2! I would like to do more trails this summer…these would be perfect 🙂

  37. I would love the Pure Cadence 2. I do fitness classes and spinning and walking and have had running on my bucket list for years. This would be an awesome gift to start my running off in a positive way. I like support for my feet so I think the Pure Cadence 2 would be the perfect fit for me!!!

  38. I’m dying to try the PureConnect! I’m planning a couple vacations this summer and these beauties will help remind me to stay active while I’m gone.

  39. HI FBG! Last week as I was crossing a street (safely!) in broad daylight, a car pulled forward and ran over the side of my foot! Luckily I wasn’t hurt, but it ripped the sole of my shoe right off! Needless to say, I’m due for a new pair, and the Pure Cadence 2 looks like it would be a perfect fit for me 🙂 I have the goal to run my first half marathon this summer at the Fueled by Fine Wine event in Portland. I hope I can bring some sweet new kicks along!

  40. Loving the PureGrit 2! Heading to Nicaragua this summer for some R&R from a busy health startup life, but want to stay fit while there! These shoes would be perfect for exploring the trails, and making to smoke my brother (since we’ll inevitably end up racing — nothing wrong w/ friendly sibling competition, right?). These kicks will also motivate me to explore the trails in NY and stray from my normal park runs.

  41. The Pure Flow 2 would enhance my adventure into fitness by giving me the cushioning my knees need while keeping my feet light. I figure I will have enough extra weight in my jogging stroller as I run my children around all of the cool new jogging trails throughout Virginia and North Carolina!

  42. I’d love to try the PureDrift for some of the 5K’s I have planned for this summer, and even for pleasure runs through the streets of Boston! #BostonStrong Thanks for the opportunity!

  43. PURE FLOW 2 pleeeasseee!! I need new tennis shoes to use for the gym, outdoors and Insanity and these seem like I could use with all of these things plus I have heard that these shoes are the BEST!

  44. I would love a pair of Brooks Pure Cadence 2 to get me on my next adventure and help me get to my next half marathon.. Disney Wine and Dine in November.

  45. Pure Cadence2 for sure! I’m currently 6 months pregnant and still jogging and staying as active as possible. These shoes would be great for keeping up my motivation both and now and AFTER my newest and best adventure yet begins.

  46. I would choose the PureFlow2. I just started a new SEAL Team bootcamp on the National Mall at 5:45 every morning and it would be fantastic to have a new pair of shoes to help me stay motivated. 🙂

  47. I love my Ariels, but I’d love to try the PureCadence2 for going from kettlebells to a run!

  48. I would LOVE to try the PureConnect 2! These would help me get into optimal shape for my wedding this September. I can just picture these red shoes gripping the road while I run next to the beach with my dog 🙂

  49. I would love to win a pair of the PureConnect2! I have just started training for some 5Ks that I will be doing this year and I am contemplating training for a half marathon but I have not found the proper pair of running shoes yet. It would be amazing if I won! Thanks for the opportunity.

  50. I have just recently discovered the FBG blog. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary!! I have been a fan of Brooks running shoes and have worn the Glycerin for years. I love the look of the Pure Cadence 2. I am 50+ and like many of my friends am struggling to figure out my “middle aged” body!! Nothing like a new pair of shoes to give you a little lift!!

  51. I would live to win a pair of the Pure flow2. I am a new runner I just started and ran the Disney princess half with no training. I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment and the rush I cried uncontrollably when I crossed that finish line. And now I am starting to train to run the nike women’s in October in San Francisco I have been training with some ok raggedy Skechers it would be great to run with some new RUNNING shoes it just gives you a lol bit of confidence and pep in your step!!!

  52. Love Brooks. I always come back to them. I’d go for the pure flow 2. It would be a perfect addition to my 1/2 marathon training!

  53. I would love to try the PureFlow 2. I think trying to run in a minimal shoe would be an adventure in itself, but another adventure is I’m also trying to run outside more in the summer (instead of treadmill) and hopefully a shoe made of lightweight materials would be cooler as well.

  54. Living in LA, I so miss my old trail runs of Colorado and would love to try the PureGrit 2 Brooks for these. I’m used to a bit stiffer shoe for trails, at least at first. All very snazzy colors too. Here’s wishing…

  55. I would love a pair of PureCadence 2!! I’m new to running and would love to take these shoes with me on all the new routes, trails & events I discover!

  56. I would love the PureConnect 2 and I would use them to get more into trail running, it seems like a fun thing to do!

  57. I just bought the Pure Connect from Brooks and I love them! Brooks are my new favorite brand and I’d love to try out those beautiful blue Pure Grit Sneakers!! I would take them on the adventure of doing my first Olympic Triathlon!

  58. Love Brooks shoes and I walk over an hour a day so… Pure Cadence? but I love the Pure Grit, too! How to decide?

  59. I would love the PureGrit 2. I use the Pureflow and PureConnect for crossfit and would love the PureGrit for the Tough Mudder race that I’m doing this summer.

  60. Purecadance, please! I want to wear them through my first summer training season ever, culminating in an 18-mile race (my longest yet) over Labor Day weekend.

  61. I have to admit to ALREADY loving the PureConnect 2! I hope to run my first half marathon in them in the next year!

  62. I would love to take a pair of those those PureGrit shoes running up the new trail I’ve had my eye on at Lake Tahoe!

  63. Women’s PureGrit 2!!!
    I am doing a trail 10K at altitude in Vail, CO in July with my sister & brother & dog – these would be PERFECT!!!!

  64. I would pick the PureCadence 2! I love Brooks running shoes and will be using them to train for my first half marathon this Fall!

  65. The PureFlow 2 look like they’d be the best for me. I just had a baby in February and am looking to start running again. The lightweight and cushion of these is exactly what I need right now.

  66. Love the PureCadence 2!!! I’m training for a whole bunch of raises (including Marine Corps 10K and hopefully a half marathon soon!) These would be AWESOME!!

  67. PureFlow2 – I love wide toe boxes AND cushion!! I am so ready to have my cake and eat it too!! My goal this summer is to learn to Paddle Board – so these would be DEFF taking that ride with me!! New shoes, New adventures – LETS GO!

  68. Last year I bought my first pair of Brooks, the original PureConnect, and I still rave about them! I went from practically zero running to a 4-mile loop my first time out! This year I decided to really push myself and I signed up for a Tough Mudder in June and my first ever triathlon in September. I would love to use the PureDrift to get me ready for my new adventures!

  69. I’d have to go with the PureCadence. My city has been working on a river-walk that will go from one end of town to the other which will connect to the county-wide trail at the edge of town, and I plan on taking advantage of this new route this summer!

  70. OMG I am in love with the Pure Grit Two! This shoe look slike tons of fun to take on a run anywhere! on the beach in an agricultural park! or just to the park. I recently quit smoking! 3 weeks no cigs! I will never touch them again! I am trying to lose weight as well , started out at 185 , i am now at 176! I am working 6 days a week, the Pure Grit Two’s would help me out a bunch with my workouts ! I have since learned that I can run! I have practiced to where I can run a mile in 11 min I am very proud of myself, the shoes i have now for running our causing bad chin pains and the other shoes i have tried make my toes fall asleep loL! so i would be a happy girl if I could win these! Please fbg MAKE MY YEAR :):):):)

  71. I’d go with the Pure Cadence 2….seems like it’s a good all around shoe. If I won, these shoes would kick off my first try at Cross Fit and they could help jump start my marathon training!

  72. I’d go with the Pure Cadence–looking for a supportive shoe to take advantage of the trails around my (soon to be) new house!

  73. I already love the Pure Cadence2. Not only does it say it helps prevent overpronation (super intense overpronater here) but its fashionable and comes in my fave color. It’s the perfect shoe to help keep my motivation to walk the track at work, do yoga and zumba on the weekends and do give the motivation to get back into my zombies run program too!!!

    They are marvelous!!

  74. Pureflow2. I have a pair I bought last year and LOVE them! My adventure would be visiting all of the state parks in my area for an adventure run.

  75. I would love the Pure Cadence 2! I recently started running and my whole family is training for 5ks this summer I would love to have these great shoes for a Disney Run next year!

  76. PureFlow2…
    I love my current Brooks, but feel as though something lighter to help me push my pace would be great. My adventure would be to travel to different states to complete 1/2 marathons.

  77. A pair of the PureFlow 2’s would look pretty snazzy on my adventure to Vegas for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon (my first one!) and the training to get there. More cushion for the pushin’ (myself to run, that is…)!

  78. The PureFlow 2 is the shoe the Brooks Shoe Advisor recommends for me. I would use them to run my first 10k and train for a half marathon 🙂

  79. I would absolutely love a pair of PureDrifts! I’ve got two adventures in mind — a morning run on the boardwalk when we go to the beach later this summer, and my very first half marathon this fall!

  80. I have been looking at this line of Brooks shoes for some time…
    I would really love to try the PureFlow 2’s, I really need new running shoes.

  81. How can I not choose PureDrift after your raving review? I’m new to running and I’m still trying to find a shoe that works best for me.

  82. I would love the PureGrit 2 to take hashing in the rainforests of Malaysia this summer!

  83. That PureGrit 2 in the tiel/yellow color would be great when I go hiking/running on a nice gravely trail!

  84. I completely destroyed my older trail running shoes a few weeks ago in a Spartan obstacle race and need a new pair. I’d love a pair of Brooks PureGrit 2 to train in for my next race!

  85. I’d love to start going on hikes!! it would be great to be outside more and have a great workout!
    i love the Women’s PureFlow 2!

  86. I would like to try the puregrit2 simply for the fact they look like they provide great support for someone with a very narrow or slender foot. I see the pink and black sneakers would be great for doing my long evening sunset Power walks on the boardwalk.

  87. Pure Connect 2 – I am currently 8 months pregnant with baby #2. No longer running but still working out. These would be great for post pregnancy workouts.

  88. I do a lot of cross country, rugged terrain running/walking and a pair of Pure Drifts are the kind of lightweight type of shoe to take things to a higher level!

  89. PureCadence 2 sounds amazing to help me reach my running goals (10k, then half marathon). I am also a fan of strength training so these would definitely be in my daily gym bag, too.

  90. I love the PureDrift! I want to run my first race in 2013, and these would be great as I get further into my training plan!

  91. A FREE pair of Brooks? Wooohooo!! Good pick, FBG, good pick. I would absolutely love to win a pair of Pure Drift!!

    I am new to fitness…somewhat. I mean, I played sports in school, then in my 20’s I coached a youth league cheerleading team for six years. But, I am new to REAL fitness. In October I turned 33. I had a wake up call. I had high cholesterol and high blood sugar and was even given daily medication for the blood sugar. Something in me clicked and I decided that I HAD to do something and I promised myself that I would get myself under control and that by the time I turned 34 I was going to look better than I did at 24….so it began.

    For about the tenth time I joined a gym…nothing fancy this time just somewhere I have to drive by on my way home. I started reading fitness blogs and following on FB and Twitter – FBG was one of the first that I followed….I remember how excited I was when I tweeted, “Fit bottomed girls you make the rockin’ world go round” and you guys re-tweeted me – I was like a teenager!!! You guys have inspired me in so many ways – I love your tweets, blogs, tips, ideas, etc.

    I am happy to report that fitness has become something I truly enjoy. When I first started back in October my first milestone was running for 30 seconds without stopping….and that would put me out of breath like you would not believe. Now, I can run for a full mile. And, I have never been able to run a mile without stopping – not even in high school! I have lost weight – not as much as I had planned….but, I have lost FIVE pants sizes – so I am letting that motivate me vs. the number on the scale. Also, I am no longer on any medications!!

    Two weeks ago I posted a before and after photo on Facebook and was shocked by the response I received. But, more than that I received request after request of people wanting help and advice and telling me that I had inspired them. I have been sending messages with different people and am working to develop a small support group to not only help people achieve their own goals but to help me stay accountable to mine.

    So, my next “adventure” is this: I am going to keep going, continue to work hard and get stronger and more fit each day. I am going to continue to fuel my body with the nutrition it needs to be healthy. I am going to continue to follow the people who motivate me while trying to pay it forward and share that motivation with my friends. By my one year mark in October (also Breast Cancer Awareness Month) – I am going to run one of our local 5K’s for awareness….and I hope that my friends who are just starting out and asking for advice will be ready to run with me as well. Also, next month I am going to hike to the top of one of our local landmarks – a place I have always wanted to go but have been too out of shape – not anymore!

    Thanks FBG’s for all of the good tips…keep on making the world go round!!

  92. I love brooks! The pure connect 2 are my favorite. I am starting training for a half marathon and it would be great to start with new shoes!

  93. PureCadence 2. I’m starting marathon training soon, and an additional pair will keep me in good shoes the whole way through.

  94. Pure drift, for sure! The lightweight option would be great to take in my carry on for sumer trips to the beach!

  95. Pure Drift: minimalist, light, flexible. I want all of those! I would test out my barefoot technology by going on a trail run through Marin and run through Mt. Tamalpais (Born to Run inspired). I would eight miles later end up all the way in Mill Valley through the Sun Tail and surprisingly make it at a wonderful beer garden called the Tourist Club. This would be a beautiful start to my Tough Mudder training.

  96. I would love to try the Brooks PureDrift as I get into running outside (I’ve always been more of a gym/inside workout sort of person). I’d go wherever the shoes took me and explore Seattle- whether that be to see what parks I can find nearby, find a running group and meet new people, or take a bus and explore somewhere new. I’ve always been interested in trying a minimalist shoe and these shoes could take me on the new adventures I’ve been craving.

  97. My pick is the Pure Flow 2! I’m currently in the early stages of training for my first marathon (twin cities) which I will be running on my Birthday this year! I am looking for a shoe to transition to and having run in Brooks shoes in the past I think these would be a perfect addition to help me reach my goals! Not to mention I would look and feel good in the process 🙂

  98. My pick is the Pure Flow 2! I am in the early stages of training for my first marathon (Twin Cities, which I will be running on my birthday this year!) and am looking for a different style of shoe to transition to. Having run in Brooks before I think these will be the perfect fit and as a bonus I will look and feel good in the process!

  99. PureGrit2 please! Happy 5 year blogiversary Jenn and the FBG’s! My first adventure will be going for a trail run with my husband.

  100. I would love pure cadence2! I have desired to run a half marathon for a couple years but always have excuses, this time no excuses, September 8th I am finishing my goal for the first time. These Brooks shoes would be a great training partner!

  101. Pureconnect is my choice simply because me and my fitness friends race on the beautiful trails in Malibu, CA. Although Puregrit 2 is made just for that, the idea that Pureconnect 2 gives you very little between your sole and the road, and that’s what I like. It’s like running without your earbuds, trying to focus ont he rhythm of your cadence, Brookes Pureconnect 2 lets you feel the crevice of the road so you know exactly how to maneuver it and you get ultimate comfort and performance for racing!

  102. I overpronate, so I would choose the PureCadence 2. I’m hoping the lighter weight shoe will help me get the sub-60:00 10K I’m gunning for!

  103. My pick would be the Pure Flow 2! I love lightweight running shoes, but I need a little added cushion as well. This seems perfect!

  104. I’d go for the PureCadence 2, and I’d take that support with me on two marathons this year!

  105. Pure Cadence so I can run here and there and EVERYWHERE in comfort and style. From running the road to chasing my 3 year old this shoe looks to be able to keep up!!

  106. I liked the PureGrit2. I’m new to FBG (just found the website today) and just found this giveaway. I used to be an extremely active person in high school & college. However, now that I’m married & set in my career, I’ve seemed to have lost my way. I have two HUGE goals that I’d love to accomplish. I want to lose ~20lbs & get back into that toned shape I always loved having & I’d really LOVE to start running again! I want to get to the point where I’d be able to run a half-marathon! I know it’ll take a LONG time & a LOT of training, but those are my current challenges!

  107. I love the Women’s PureCadence 2! i need a great pair of shoes for running, i just started!

  108. I love to run & like many other runners am a big fan of Brooks. I’d like to try the PureDrift. The concept of roomier toe area is very appealing. I can’t wait to try them out on my next race.

  109. I would love to try the PureFlow shoe. I’m a walker who’s starting to learn to run, and I’d really like a great pair of running shoes, plus they’re cute. Gotta be a cute FBG!

  110. I like the PureCadence. I have just recently started working out. My mom just passed away from stomach cancer and I want to live a healthier lifestyle to reduce my risk. I need to lose 30-40 pounds to be in the ideal weight range for my height. I have started to jog and am looking forward to going even longer distances. Right now I can only go 20 minutes. These shoes look like the would help provide the support I need for my bad knees.

  111. Pure Cadence 2! I am starting to increase my mileage so new shoes would be a huge help! Thanks! First adventure- hit the city park next to my house for a 5 miler!

  112. Pure Flow! I Crossfit religiously but in the summer unlike to mix in jogs with my dog, and these sound perfect!! Excitement about trying new shoes is great motivation to get out there 🙂

  113. Pure Flow!! Excitement about new shoes is just what I need to get running with my dog 🙂

  114. Definately the PureDrift. I have always loved being barefoot; however, trying to run for long periods of time barefoot doesn’t always end well. These would be a perfect fit for me and get me as close as I can be to the ground while in a shoe.

  115. PureFlow 2! I have a pair of the PureFlows and LOVE them. I would wear them for my first post-hip arthroscopy race, the Chicago Women’s 5K. I can’t wait!

  116. pure drift or pure flow would be awesome!! love the idea of something lightweight and breathable for the run leg of my tris!

  117. I think the Pure Grit 2 would be perfect for me to run trails. I’d love to use those to prepare for some trail races I want to try!

  118. I would love to try a pair of the Pure Flow 2s! They sound like they’d be prefect for running with my dog!

  119. I would LOVE a pair of the Pure Cadence 2… I just completed my second 5k today and have decided I would like to do a 10k in the near future! I would make these shoes my besties in accomplishing that goal 😀

  120. I would pick the Pure Flow 2! We just moved to a new state. There are tons of parks and trails and hilly roads I would LOVE to check out. I am training for my first 5K this fall. These would be perfect!

  121. I love my Brooks – have the PureFlow and would love another pair. Would encourage me to stay fit

  122. I would love to try the Pure Flow 2! “Lightweight” and “cushioning” are my magic shoe words. My goal is to run a 5K without a walk break. I’m up to 1.3 miles now, but I don’t get much time to go out, so this is a long-term goal for me!

  123. Pure Cadence 2! I’m trying to get more fit & be more active after having to battle lymphoma for 1.5+ yrs!

  124. I would like to try the Pureflow2! I like running 5K races and need lightweight shoe.

  125. I would love the PureGrit 2. I am just starting to get into trail running and these would be fantastic for the terrain!

  126. I really like the Pure Drift! A wider toe box is perfect for my crazy feet. I have just started working up to a 5k again after having a baby (23 months ago!), and miss being fit.

  127. I love the PureCadence2. It has support to help with overpronation. I’m a new runner and would love to use them to get started!

  128. I travel internationally 3-4 times a year for work, for 3-4 weeks at a time, and pack very light (smallest possible rolling suitcase + backpack). I struggle to fit workout gear in my luggage, and my fitness definitely suffers for it. Would love to have a pair of PureDrift shoes that would provide running comfort without taking up too much room!

  129. I really like the Women’s PureCadence 2 – I hope they would help my plantar faschitis which is really killing my running plans. They are also super cute

  130. PureCadence 2 would be the perfect match for me! I enjoy running with the light weight PureFlow but really need the support! thanks 🙂

  131. I really want to try the PureDrift! Brooks discontinued their Green Silence and they were my absolute favorites so now I think the PureDrift will be the closest thing for my half marathon addiction!

  132. PureGrit2!! I love Brooks and I could really use these for all the obstacle/mud runs I have planned this summer! Spartan Sprint, Rugged Maniac, Spartan Super, plus hopefully a few more!

  133. I have the pure cadence originals and LOVE them! I would love to have a pair of pure cadence 2’s for my first Full marathon in October! Happy Birthday!! 🙂

  134. My shoe pick is: Pure Drift. My adventure is training for a 1:34 half marathon. I need a light shoe to help me effortlessly run 7:15 min/mile for 13.1 miles!

  135. I would get the PureFlow 2! I love running in races, 5k, 10k, half marathon so I would have many adventures to go on with them!

  136. I love the pureflow2. I would love to take those sweet shoes on vacation to keep me going when I don’t want to.

  137. Need the thoughtfully designed cushioning of the Pureflow2–to keep up the “good” chase of my daughter who challenged by autism is a lightning quick force to be reckoned with–keeping a keen step to her vivacious, energetic pace for 23+ years requires a masterful shoe with those unique Brooks creature comforts! Rebekkah would really be rockin’ in a pair of those Brooks, too!

  138. Holy awesome comments! Our lucky, lucky winner is Maria with comment No. 56! Congrats! And thank you all for the amazing entries!

    Emailing you now, Maria! 🙂

    —FBG Jenn