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Theme Parks With Kids: Magically Exhausting!


Disney: Magically exhausting. Credit: starrynight_012

Unless you’re down with parents-only trips, vacations once you have kids just aren’t quite as relaxing. Peaceful nights of sleep and late breakfasts are replaced with kids who can’t sleep in strange places and breakfast at the crack of dawn. Relaxation on the beach is replaced with making sure your kids don’t eat sand. But while vacay is certainly different as a parent, it’s also still a blast. I, for one, cannot wait until I can take my kids to Disney World, even though I know that it will be so much exhausting fun when that day comes. FBG Tish recently got to hit up Disneyland with a couple of kiddos, thus proving what I long suspected: I will not have to worry about working out when Disney Day comes! —Erin

A Day At Disney

I love the unexpected workout. This past weekend my fiance’s twin brother and his wife and children came to visit us in California. We decided to do as many kid-friendly activities as we possibly could—which, of course, meant hitting Disneyland.

I don’t know if it’s just me getting older, but going to an amusement park is a serious workout! The walking and standing in line…OH GOD, THE STANDING! We covered both California Adventure and Disneyland, which meant double the activity. There was lots of carrying of children (which totally counts as strength training!), running, skipping and hopping, and even dancing when the Disney parade would come through. I swear, on the way home I crashed so hard, and the moment I got into my bed, it was like the angels sighed and tucked heavenly clouds of comfort underneath me. My feet and knees were singing with sweet, sweet relief.

The Disney trip proved that workouts don’t have to be long, boring, structured and gym-centered. Even the strongest of strong have to admit that walking from 10 a.m. in the morning until 7 p.m. at night is pretty demanding. Just another reason Disney is the happiest place on Earth…with all those endorphins floating around, how can you not squeal with happiness?

Ever tracked your theme park adventures on a Fitbit or other fitness-tracking device? It’s gotta be crazy… —Tish

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