Could Your Running Wardrobe Use a Makeover? Here’s Your Chance!

If you're running shoes look like this, then you best enter our Run Happy giveaway! Credit: bfick
If your running shoes look like this, then you best enter our Run Happy makeover giveaway! Credit: bfick

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How’s your running gear these days? Shoes in good shape? Worn and tread missing? How about your shorts and tops? Are they tattered and frayed? In need of an upgrade? Ladies, we, along with Brooks Running, are here to help! Consider it our own version of Extreme Makeover: Run Happy Edition—we are giving away a Brooks Running top, bottom and pair of shoes. All your choice!

And to win it, all you have to do is not tell us but show us your worst running outfit. No matter how you want to do it—Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, your blog, Flickr (tag us if you can, please!)—we want to see a photo of you in an outfit that screams “I NEED a Run Happy makeover!” Then, put a link to your photo and a sentence or two about why you’d like to win in the comments below (haikus and other poetry highly encouraged for our own entertainment). We’ll select our favorite U.S. reader’s photo and comment to win the makeover in about a week and notify her in the comments and via email.

Who’s ready to Run Happy? Get to snapping pics—we are sooo psyched for this makeover! —Jenn 


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  1. I suppose I should say I would love to win since I just got into running and don’t have appropriate gear 🙂

  2. My shoes are old, dirty, and a little bit worn
    The sole is even a little bit torn-
    They’ve been sitting in the garage on a rack
    But the insides of them make me want to hack!
    There’s earwigs, dirt, beetles, and mouse poop
    It looks like I kept them in my grandpa’s pigeon coop!
    I should be exercising, I need to get rid of my thighs
    Last night at dinner I even passed on the Fries!
    I would be forever grateful for a new pair of shoes
    If I win it will make facebook news!


  3. And our winner is…Amy B! Love the poem — those poor shoes need upgrading! We’ll email you know to get your sizes! YAY! And a big thanks to all who entered!!!

    —FBG Jenn

  4. Get outta town…in my new running shoes!! Can’t wait to post a pic sportin’ my new look! Thanks gals!!