Ellie Review: New Outfits Every Month, Delivered to Your Door


So you know how all those monthly boxes are all the rage these days? There are ones with healthy supplements, make-up and beauty products—even one for your dog! Well, now there’s one for fitness apparel. With Ellie, the company releases new looks every month, and for a monthly payment of $49.95 to be in their club, you get your pick of any two new pieces. The whole concept really intrigued me. First, $50 a month for a new workout outfit ain’t too shabby. And for those who are needing a total workout-apparel overhaul, it’s a nice way to ease into updating your look a little bit at a time and throughout the seasons. And I’d have to imagine that a new box from Ellie would also make a great reward for those working hard on goals—each month you get a new bit of fit-apparel motivation! And for those who don’t want to do the whole buy-an-outfit-a-month thang, you can buy individual pieces without a membership for more (tops $40 and up and bottoms $50 and up).

Ellie sent us a few pieces to try, and we put them to the sweaty test. Super cute and fun, everything we tried performed pretty well. They wicked sweat away and didn’t ride up or down. And I got tons of compliments on the bright blue and oh-so fun Electric Love Capris at the gym—my husband thought I looked like a “ski bunny” in them, which was a good thing, apparently. While the pieces aren’t super soft, they are pretty comfy to wear and super stretchy, which doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination—or give you the ability to hide much. So be aware that the tanks and capris are extremely body-hugging—if you want more wiggle room, opt for their more flowy tops or order a size or two up. Which brings us to our next point: size. All of apparel is only offered in sizes extra small to large. That’s it.

We only have one word to say about that: REALLY?

So, yeah, our final assessment is that it’s a good concept with fun pieces. We wish the quality was a bit higher for the price point (especially when looking at non-club prices), and that it was available to women of all sizes. That’s a no brainer—fit and active women come in all shapes and sizes!

But what do you think? Would you join a workout-apparel club? And what are your thoughts on companies that don’t offer larger sizes? —Jenn

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  1. $50 a month is a lot of money…that’s 10 LEGO mini-figures I could buy for my son =D Strange how I look at money that way now 😉
    I think that, if you are going to be in the apparel side of the fitness business, your clothing better be available in a spectrum of sizes !

  2. Thank you so much for reviewing this. I’m on their email list so I get all of the blasts they send out. I’ve been curious for a while since they’ve launched the site and service, but haven’t made the leap yet to purchase anything. However, their marketing/branding/design is fantastic.

  3. Hi Jenn,

    Nice review! I have to say I agree. I too have tried Ellie, even before it was Ellie probably for around 5 to 6 months. I really thought the company had a great concept,so I tried to give them many opportunities. I think they grew faster than they could manage and their customer service just wasn’t there to support there product and customer needs. I constantly had issues with billing, ordering, sizing and shipping so I eventually quit my account. I wish the company all the best and hope they can figure out how to make such a great idea work soon!

  4. Hey Jenn!

    I had never heard of fitness apparel companies that you subscribe to; so this was really interesting to me! I honestly never have time to go out and buy new workout tops unless mine are completely destroyed, so I like the idea of getting new tops every month. I do agree that not offering larger sizes it a bit absurd; especially if their stuff already runs a little small. I like working out in ‘flowy’ tops anyways.

    Thanks for the review! I wonder if their are other companies that do this?

  5. I really love Ellie!! I’ve been a member for a few months now. I did see that this month’s collection will go from sizes XS-XL so that’s great! I am normally a Small but their tops are a bigger fit so I have to get XS so that might help for people who need bigger tops? Before, anyway. Now that they’ve expanded their sizes I have a feeling their clientele will grow a ton! It’s a great company and concept 🙂

  6. I love Ellie clothing. They are high fashion, super comfy, high quality and best of all very forming to many body types. However, I do not know if I can handle the $50 a month. We’ll see.

  7. I love workout clothes just as much as the next gal, but $50 is steep for something I don’t need to replace on a regular basis. This would be great if I were starting from zero…but I’m not, and I just don’t have a genuine need for two pieces of workout clothing per month.

    That being said, I took advantage of the “back to school” sale this week.

  8. It’s true that you might not need new gym attire every month, but its a good way to slowly build your closet then just stop the service. Or something. That’s the way I see it could for some people anyway.
    As for the sizing, if I was a size 10 or 12 and wanted to wear this stuff, I would. I usually size down stretchy items of clothing anyway so I don’t think there would be a problem.