Moxie Cycling: Bringing Sexy (Biking) Back!

You see that, guys? I'm faster AND cuter than you!
You see that, guys? I’m faster AND cuter than you!

Two-wheeled women of the world, rejoice! The days of frumpy unisex bike jerseys are over!

Don’t get me wrong — I love the traditional bike jersey, with its full-zip front, broad shoulders and fun, bold designs. But more often than not, my favorite designs only come in a men’s jersey, which I buy in the smallest size they offer. When I do find the rare women’s cut jersey, they’re usually covered in pink and flowers — cute, but c’mon…do we have to be so generic?

Is it too much to ask to find a women’s cycling top with a little bit of personality?

Moxie Cycling says it’s not. And I will love them forever for it.

This by-women, for-women cycling company has found the perfect balance between performance, comfort and style. Recently, they sent over their Retropolitan jersey, a throwback jersey with bold colors and a spunky design. When I opened the package, I actually squealed “it’s so cute!” — something I’ve never done with a cycling jersey before.

But Moxie Cycling isn’t just about good looks. There’s a lot of consideration that went into the design of these jerseys.

The Vixen, another Moxie style equal parts stylin' and badass!
The Vixen, another Moxie style equal parts stylin’ and badass!

The built-in sports bra is not just an elastic shelf bra. Instead, it’s compressive, supportive and — miracle of miracles! — doesn’t chafe. Though I was impressed with the support on my rides, I decided to put it to the ultimate test: wearing the jersey for a quick transition run off the bike. I was impressed with how “the girls” stayed put even without an additional sports bra.

Moxie Cycling Style
Don’t you just love this T-back?

The cut is flattering for all shapes and sizes — a T-back design and a semi-fitted cut flatter women of all shapes and sizes. The long length lays flat against the back without riding up, and three large pockets in the rear are more than enough for nutrition, spare tubes and a cell phone. The fabric is soft and wicks moisture away incredibly well (even during my rides in 100-degree Phoenix heat!)

A word of warning: follow the laundering instructions. With a jersey like this, you’ll want to take care to wash it in cold water and lay flat to dry. The compression and elastic will shrink if you run it through warm water or the heat of the dryer. I learned that one the hard way …

The cost is comparable to other high-quality cycling jerseys — prices range from $58 to $65 — and I feel better about spending the cash on something like this than yet another size small men’s jersey. And, yes, I did spend the cash on another Moxie jersey —  in addition to the sample the company sent over, I’ve purchased several more … something I rarely, if ever, do. I love these jerseys that much!

What do you think of Moxie Cycling’s style? —Susan

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  1. These are really cute! Hope they go on sale or to somewhere like soon.

    Terry’s is another good women’s jersey company.