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Reader Success Story: Getting Healthy Inside and Out

Brooke and her bud getting dirty and fit at a recent mud run!

Brooke and her bud getting dirty and fit at a recent mud run!

This reader success story by Brooke Savage is a part of You Can Do It Week. Read all of the motivating and inspiring posts here! And remember, if they can do it, so can YOU!

I can still remember my first “fat” picture that was taken at my sister’s high school graduation four years ago. I was devastated when my mom pointed out my weight gain — and that was the starting point for me to get rollin’.

For the next four years, I followed countless diet tricks and fitness routines. I did what they call “yo-yo” dieting. Between obsessive behaviors toward food and exercise, I felt worthless every time I looked in the mirror, especially after I had failed my latest diet plan. One time, when I completely went “off track,” I ate an ice-cream Pop-Tart after an hour-and-a-half workout. I went back to the gym later that night for another 45 minutes on the elliptical to work off my meal. Can you imagine how I felt about myself for not being able to stop eating that chemical-filled delicious dessert sandwich? Or when I had to go back to the gym for a second round? I wanted to stop in the middle of the workout and cry, but I didn’t. However, now looking at it, that whole situation could have been avoided if I had a healthier attitude about my body — like I do today.

So, what changed me? Well, first, a mental crisis, which helped me realized that the life that I had been living needed a real change; not like one of those promises to myself that were impossible to keep. Secondly, seeing a post about an online class here at FBG that was focused towards yo-yo dieters like me. At the time, I didn’t believe I was a yo-yo dieter, but I really wanted to see what Jenn had to say. So, instead of doing another weight-loss program with my mom, I decided I would do this instead. And, even on my tight college budget, I signed up.

Jenn walked my class and me through the mental reasons why dieting didn’t work, how to make goals and habits that we could actually stick to, and finally how to tackle food and exercise once and for all. I realized that the reason why I failed in the past wasn’t the program, but it was my attitude and execution.

I have gained an abundance of self-confidence in myself and what I have accomplished since the first day of class. Not only am I physically stronger, I am mentally better, too. At my sister’s graduation, from college this spring, we took another picture together. Unlike a fairy tale, the picture was unflattering, and, frankly, I still looked “fat.” However, my self-confidence was not destroyed because of this picture, and instead I looked at it and was okay. In that moment, I realized it was just a picture. I wasn’t going to let this piece of paper control me like the way Bradly Cooper’s character, in Silver Linings Playbook, is when he hears his wedding song. To me, that alone is a success. Heck, I even thought, “When I attend my college graduation in three years, it will be a darn good picture of me because I will be healthy inside and out.”

Today, I am nowhere near my health goals, but I do believe that I can get there. I have Jenn to thank for that, so, thank you so much Jenn. I owe you my future, which will be even brighter because of you. —Brooke Savage

P.S. As a way motivate myself, I find using Twitter is a great tool to stay on the right track. Follow me @brkgettingfit!

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