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Can a Natural Deodorant Really Stand Up to Sweaty Workouts? We Put One to the Test!

essensia-naturalsI really like the idea of natural deodorants. I mean, does anyone really want to seep aluminum into their pores? Not me. But I’ve tried a lot of different natural deodorant brands before, and they’ve just never quite done the trick. They didn’t last as long. They didn’t fight wetness. They masked rather than stopped smell. And honestly, lately I’ve come to really, really love Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response. It’s so good that I can actually only put it on every other day instead of daily. I love the smell, and it just works. But, again, about that aluminum thing … it would be awesome if something worked as well without it.

And this is where our Essensia Naturals review for Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week comes in! The company recently sent us a couple bars of its natural deodorant to review and test directly against our usual deodorant. It’s made with organic ingredients, like coconut oil, arrowroot and aloe vera, plus it’s aluminum-free. For a full week I put Essensia Naturals under my left pit and Secret under the right one each morning. I worked out, I sweat, I got stressed, I went to a networking event, I got hot — I probably waited too long to shower on a few mornings. I pretty much put it in the stinkiest of stinky situations. And, you know what, Essensia Naturals did pretty darn well. I definitely had to put it on every morning, but it had a nice and pleasant citrus scent that was subtle and lasted until the end of the day. It fought BO just as well as Secret did and although it didn’t keep me as dry as the Secret deodorant, it didn’t leave me nearly as kind of sticky and wet (ew) as other natural deodorants have in the past. So, I’ll consider that a win.

A stick of Essensia Naturals is pretty pricey at about $10, but it’s really impressive how well this stuff works without aluminum. And you really cannot beat the ingredient list. And because of said ingredient list, I also found it to be really gentle and moisturizing on the ol’ armpits. Bonus!

So, yeah, not a 100 percent comparison but pretty darn good! Do you use a natural deodorant? —Jenn

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