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Farewell Good Gym: Tish Says Goodbye to Total Woman

Paying for a gym membership at Total Woman was a blessing and a total indulgent act of awesomeness on my part. In this economy, gym memberships are usually the first thing to go, but I was adamant about wanting a positive gym experience as close as I could possibly get.

My place of employment has a gym at the main building, but I work from home full time, so it was a pain in me arse to drive to the place I finally got to break free from. Thus, I purchased a year at Total Woman and life was great. I met an amazingly cool trainer named Nicole who helped me become the strong beast I now am. She recommended Mark incorporate super-setting in my weekly regimen, and it worked wonders for me. She also got me into interval running, which helped me make the most of my runs.

I’ve loved working out there, but now the husband and I have decided to start setting our sights on buying a home … in Los Angeles …which is kind of a hard thing to do considering that a lot of homes around here are close to a million dollars — yet are the equivalent of a small shack. First thing we dumped from our budget? The gym membership.

Breaking up is hard to do! Credit: Free Grunge Textures

Breaking up is hard to do!
Credit: Free Grunge Textures, Flickr

Full disclosure: That corporate gym gives me a free membership already so it made sense to stop paying for another gym, but boy will November 30 be a sad, sad day in the Arana Household. Mark works at the gym I shall start to attend. This is good and bad. Not sure if you’ve ever allowed someone you’re with to train you, but it’s not always the best of sunny situations. (I tend to go from calm to bratty in 4.5 burpee-fast seconds.)

This is one of those big-girl decisions I had to make. It shall change my workouts I presume, so get ready. Operation Work Out with Your Spouse is coming. Wish me luck! Beyond that I feel as though I’m losing a good friend I wasn’t read to let go of. I’m in breakup mourning.

What about you? Have you had to make fitness cuts? What can you absolutely not give up? Do you subscribe to the philosophy that as long as you can move you’re good? Or do you give up when you give up the gym membership? — Tish

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