I’m Every Woman: Joining a Women-Only Gym

Women-OnlyGymGyms are like a box of chocolates…You’ll never know if you dig them unless you dig in. Two months ago, I joined a popular gym chain and found out pretty darn quickly that it was not the gym for me. First of all, I live in Los Angeles…in the valley…the porn mecca. I couldn’t get away from all the silicone boobies and high-heeled “workout” boots that I saw at that place. But believe it or not, that wasn’t the straw that broke the camel’s back. I hate to admit this, but the men at the gym were terrible, too. They ogled. They stunk. Did I mention they ogled? I just could never get comfortable there and found myself (a fitness enthusiast!) reluctant to make the trip. Not cool.

Lucky for me, I have a fiance who encourages my fitness endeavors. He suggested I go tour this women’s-only gym that is also in my neighborhood. Being a self-diagnosed tomboy, I never thought I’d feel more comfortable in an estrogen-only facility, but the minute I walked in to Total Woman, I fell in love. It’s peaceful, it’s clean, the television monitors were rocking some HGTV programs, there’s a spa…did I mention it’s clean? I walked in and immediately felt like I was home. No ogling. And everyone was there to get healthy–not be seen.

The best part so far, though? When I joined, they gave me a free fitness assessment. I met with this wonderful trainer named Nicole (British and fun to boot!) who took me through a round of tests to determine where I stand health-wise. She walked me through my results and helped me develop an easy plan and timeline for getting into the kind of shape I’m looking to be in. (I still want those muscles, dang it!) Mind you, this was all free and is free to any woman who joins! It was nice to be so well cared for. I have a three-month goal to be able to do pull-ups, like some other fitties I know.

I’m so pumped! I have a gym I can’t wait to get to. Sometimes you have to kiss a couple of frog-esque gyms in order to find your princess-charming facility.

What about you? Have you ever had bad luck with a gym and had to change? Ever thought of joining a “Girls Only” gym? What do you look for in a fitness facility? —Tish

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