How Tish’s Healthy Goals of 2012 Are Going: Two Out of Four?

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A nerd’s worst letter.
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At the beginning of the year, each FBG shared her healthy goals for 2012. With a new New Year sneaking up on us, we thought it only fair to see how those previously set goals were going for us in this Question of the Week! After all, goals only work if you measure ’em!

Last year, I promised my spirit four goals for 2012. And the results from those promises? Fifty percent. Is that good? Um, no! In school I maintained an A average like the smart little nerd I was, so 50 percent isn’t cutting it. Lucky for me, I still have a bit of time to rectify some of my oopsies.  Here’s my grade card, promise by promise.

Goal #1: To Find a new superfood to cook with. At least I’m starting out strong! Superfoods get an A. I began cooking regularly with quinoa and couscous, and I tried barley three times, too! I must say, I have loved the new additions. Couscous is my new favorite side, and I swear my fella puts quinoa in anything he can get his hands on. We had quinoa-stuffed peppers once this year that were to DIE for!

Goal #2: Flex and actually be able to show muscle popping out. I almost made this one happen! I was lifting like a beast and doing some majorly awesome weight workouts, but alas something always seems to pop up in my fitness world that prevents me from consistently working out. (This time it’s this.) Sigh…This one bums me out. I WILL have those muscles, dammit! When? I don’t know, but I WILL!

Goal #3: Find and read another cool sports book. So yeah, I haven’t really lived up to this one, but I still have time! If you have any good recommendations I’d love to hear them…

Goal#4: Act more like a girl who’s bound to get her wishes and dreams. Oh, how this one hurts me to report! Nope, I sure haven’t acted like I was going to get my wishes and dreams. I’ve been good about going to every audition and putting on that smiling face, but after I leave, the happy facade is over and I’m left thinking I probably won’t get a call back. I did once, but then didn’t book the job. This business is all about toughing out the hard years. I may have to carry this one into next year. Our skin is our largest organ—I need to focus on thickening up that body part the most!  

I’m interested to hear how you fared. Are you a teacher’s delight, or do you have some extra credit you need to get in before the bell rings? —Tish

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