KiraGrace Yoga Clothing: Form, Function, Femininity

workoutclothesnoworkoutAlright, confession time. How many of you wear workout clothes when you’re not working out? I’ll admit, I sometimes do. But I stand behind my decision for several reasons:

  • I often work in exercise throughout my day, and since I work from home, it doesn’t pose a problem to show up at “the office” in yoga pants.
  • I spend good money on my workout clothes — often, more than I spend on my other clothes. I don’t see why I should wear them for just an hour or so a day.
  • My workout clothes are cute. I don’t spend the day in old tees and baggy sweats, so, while I might not look exactly business casual, I don’t look like a slob, either.
  • Yoga leggings are perfect for travel — they can act as leggings under a tunic or a dress, they’re comfy to wear when you’re just bumming around the hotel, and they don’t show wrinkles. And, you know, you can wear them for exercise, too!

So, what all of this means is that I’m fairly picky when it comes to workout clothes, and even pickier regarding yoga leggings. I already have a few yoga and running capris I positively love, so for something new to earn a spot in the rotation, it has to really bring it.

KiraGrace brings it.

KiraGrace yoga top and pantsI’d never heard of the brand when they first reached out to me, but I was immediately intrigued. While they have a few fairly basic styles, most of their offerings are basic with a twist — the pants have ruching or cutouts, while the tops come in a slew of different strappy designs, and it’s all without looking too try-hard, like you belong at the club instead of the health club, you know?

I tried out the Warrior Sun Tank ($68) and Goddess Yoga Capri Legging ($88). The ruching detail on the bottom of the capri legging was just enough of a fun touch to make them stand out in a drawer full of stretchy black pants, and the fit was right on. I did notice that there was a tiny bit of sagging and bagging after wearing them for a full day (including a workout — don’t judge me!), but for the normal amount of time someone would wear them? Stretchy and fitted and comfy.

The tank was the big surprise, though — it offers enough support for me to wear it for all but the most high-impact activities without a bra. That almost never happens, guys, and when it does, normally the rest of the top is too tight for comfort, and that’s not at all the case. In fact, I even wore the top hiking in Canada, sans sports bra, with no problems.

If you’re like me and like having workout clothing that can go the extra mile, even when that mile is, say, to lunch with a friend, this is definitely a brand worth checking out. (Plus, KiraGrace is into giving back, which I can totally get down with. It doesn’t change the fit of the clothes, but it’s nice to know.)

Do you wear yoga pants to … not do yoga? Why or why not? —Kristen

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