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Fit Foodie Blogger We Love: Kristin Stehly of STUFT Mama

stuft-mamaHow does a mom of two run like a fiend, cook up a healthy storm and write a blog that covers everything from fitness to food to family? We’re not sure, but Kristin Stehly of STUFT Mama does it! And we cannot get enough of her race recaps (she’s so fast!), adventures with her kiddos, workouts with Bob Harper, giveaways and — our favorite — recipes! In fact, Kristin was our inspiration behind this epic dessert! Read on as we chat Kristin up in this month’s Fit Foodie Blogger We Love!

Q&A With Kristin Stehly of STUFT Mama

When and why did you start your blog? I started it for personal training clients about 5 months after I had my twins. I didn’t go back to my full-time teaching job and wanted a way to share my exercises and recipes with clients. I had no idea there was a huge social media/blogging world out there. I thought it was an original idea. Pretty funny.
How did you come up with the name of your blog? STUFT Fitness is the name of my fitness business. It stands for “Stehly Ultimate Family Training.” I just decided to stick with the STUFT name, but it really worked out well. STUFT Mama was just meant to be I guess.
What’s the most rewarding thing about blogging? The friends, connections and incredible opportunities that have happened because of blogging. I’ve gotten to experience so many things I’ve only dreamed of, and it’s all because of a silly little blog. I’m grateful every single day to be able to blog on my time and work it in with being a mama.
What’s the most misunderstood thing about your blog or healthy blogging in general? Oh gosh, well, I think we all try to put our best foot forward. So many things can be misinterpreted over the internet. I try to keep it as real as possible, and when I have something I’m struggling with I usually have to share it with my readers. People are going to try to knock you down no matter what, but if you know in your heart that you’re doing what you love and you stand behind your beliefs, then that’s all that matters.
What’s your favorite post and why? Hmmm … Recently it’s been this one. But, the one that really started the whole blog and tells a little about my back story is this.
What is your favorite healthy meal? Anything with kabocha squash. Ha ha. Just kidding. I love pizza, so I tend to get really creative making anything and everything into some kind of vegetable-loaded pizza. (See photo above for proof!)
If you could only eat three things for the rest of your life, what would they be? Coffee, kabocha squash and NuttZo. Chocolate if I’m allowed a forth thing.
What’s the one kitchen appliance or utensil that you couldn’t live without? My stove-top espresso maker.
What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Seriously too many to choose. I eat weird things pretty much every single day.
If you could make one unhealthy food magically healthy, what would you choose? Donuts and chocolate peanut butter ice cream.
We clearly need to be eating more kabocha squash! And who else loves to make veggie-loaded pizza? —Jenn

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