Get Your Bollywood Dance Workout On With Doonya

Doonya-585Although we can’t really dance all that well, we really dig a good dance workout. And just in case you’re looking for something a little bit different than your typical dance aerobics class or Zumba DVD (We love Zumba, don’t get us wrong, but sometimes you just want to shake your groove thang a little differently!), we wanted to share Fit Bottomed Mama Jennifer’s opinion on Doonya, The Bollywood Dance Workout DVDs. Plus, there’s a $10 discount when you buy a three-disc set with code “fitmama”!

This three-disc series gives you cardio, glutes and ab work — and has a whole DVD dedicated to just teaching you the moves. And the moves? Well, they seem hella fun. With lots of twists and belly dancing and lots of the fun moves you see in all of those cool Bollywood movies, it’s like having your own Bollywood dance party in your living room!

Check out the full Doonya workout DVD review — including how many stars this Bollywood dance workout got — here! And then tell us: what’s your favorite kind of dance workout? —Jenn


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