Jenn’s Goals for 2014: And the Big Why Behind Them

This week, as part of New Year New Rear Week, each FBG is sharing her healthy goals and resolutions for the year — and the big reasons why they are what they are. Goals … whys … go!

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It’s the New Year, so everyone is talking about resolutions and setting goals. And we here at FBG are no different — in fact, we’re kind of addicted to goal-setting. But a month or two ago, we FBGs virtually got together to do some brainstorming and it just kind of dawned on everyone: hardly anyone talks about the “why” behind their resolutions or goals. Sure, they may say they want to get fitter or lose weight or PR … but … why? Why? WHY?

In my time working with readers on how to be healthy and writing The Fit Bottomed Girls’ Anti-Diet (plug, plug!), I’ve come to learn that without a really good and deep why, it’s a whole lot harder to reach your goals. Because something like, “I want to look good in a bikini” doesn’t get you up and out of bed at 5:30 a.m. to work out quite like, “I’m creating the life I want to live!” does.

So for our goals this year, we’re all sharing the why behind them. And not just the first why response; we’re going deeper and deeper into the why.

Jenn’s Goals for 2014: And Why!

This is street art, but it's asking a pretty good question when it comes to goals and New Year resolutions ... Credit: markheybo, Flickr

This is street art, but it’s asking a pretty good question when it comes to goals and New Year resolutions … Credit: markheybo, Flickr

1. Stay injury-free. I talked a lot about this in my Run Happy Resolutions post, but this is a huge goal of mine in 2014. After recovering from a stress fracture in my foot and then a small strain in my hamstring just a few weeks ago, it’s a goal and a necessity. Regular workouts keep me sane, and it’s no fun being stuck on the sidelines!

Why I want to do it: To feel healthy. To rekindle my intuitive exercise flame. To trust my gut. To trust myself. (Told you we were going deep, ya’ll!)

2. Do 10 pull-ups in a row. Obviously, I can’t pursue this one so hard that I trip up No. 1, but I’ve long had this one on my mind. The other day I did seven in a row … so it’s realistic.

Why I want to do it: Honestly, to feel like a bad-ass. Which means, I want to feel strong and powerful. And recognized.

3. Make self-care a habit. I know I need to stretch and foam roll more, and I want to meditate more often. But instead of setting a specific goal, I’d really like to just take 15 minutes a day to do something chill. Similar to Kristen, this could be a lot of things, but I want to make it a normal part of my day — not a to-do I’m really good about for awhile and then not for, like, a month.

Why I want to do it: For peace. For clarity. To be more creative. To be more me. To feel more love.

4. Make protein bars a sometimes food, not an everyday food. So, protein bars might as well be a spot on the FBG Jenn Food Triangle because I have one almost every day. Confession: Sometimes two! The ones I eat are pretty clean, but still. I know I’d feel better eating whole food.

Why I want to do it: To take better care of my body. To practice what I preach. To be better connected with my food. To be more mindful and aware.

Try this for yourself by writing your goals down and then asking yourself why you want them. Then ask “why?” again and again until you get to something that really resonates with your soul. That’s your why! And if you feel comfortable sharing your why, I’d LOVE to hear them in the comments! —Jenn

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