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Workout I Did: Light-Medium-Heavy

Get to swingin'! Credit: .v1ctor Casale., Flickr

Get to swingin’! Credit: .v1ctor Casale., Flickr

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with workouts, even without you realizing it! You go to do your usual moves and grab the same weight of dumbbells. You go to swing the kettlebells and you pick up your usual one. You decide to do some box jumps, and pick the same box height every time. You set off to do wall ball and pick your usual 8-pound ball. The list goes on and on. As humans, it’s natural. And we all kind of like routine, and we do it even without thinking. We just grab the weight or set the setting that works for us and go! But when was the last time you decided to take things up a notch?

When training for a race, people are used to pushing themselves a little farther and farther each week. But when it comes to strength training, circuit workouts or boot camp workouts, I see people (myself included!) get a little more stuck in what I’ll call their “workout bubble.” That space where you grab the same piece of equipment or weight every time. (Or, to Erin’s post: never try doing some push-ups on your toes!) The space where you may start to get too comfortable. After all, as you do the same moves over time you do get fitter and things become easier, meaning that you’re not getting as good of a workout as you once were.

However, I get the hesitation that comes with moving up in weight or difficulty. It feels hard. Intimidating. Scary, even. And it is for all of these reasons that I LOVE this Light-Medium-Heavy Workout. We do this workout at the Fit Pit every now and again, and it’s just one of those workouts that forces you to bust out of your workout bubble. The whole point is to feel the difference between different weights and help you to realize that you probably can shake things up a bit and go heavier.

Workout I Did: Light-Medium-Heavy

Warm-up: Do a light jog for five minutes followed by 20 squats and 20 lunges.

WOD 1: Choose three kettlebells — one that’s light, medium and heavy for you. (I did 12-, 16- and 18-kilogram kettlebells.) Do the below circuit four times through.

  • Light: 20 swings
  • Medium: 10 swings
  • Heavy: 5 swings
  • 1:00 Rest

WOD 2: Repeat the format of WOD1 but sub kettlebells with wall ball. (I did 8-, 12-, 14-pound balls. And, yes — haha — I said balls.)

Cool down: With some foam rolling. (That reminder is totally for me.)

After swinging and throwing the heavier weight, it totally changes your perspective on what you can do. Sure, it’s much, much heavier than what you’re used to, but you can do the lower rep count. And — this is the best part — it makes your “usual” weight seem much, much easier. Sometimes, it’s all about perspective. And this workout gives you that!

Are you stuck in a bit of your own workout bubble? How can you pop it? —Jenn

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