A Sweet Cheers to C2O Pure Coconut Water

Put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up!
Okay, or in the case of this C2O Pure Coconut Water review, just pop the tab and drink it all up! Because, well, it’s delicious.
Made from young green coconuts in Thailand, this coconut water tastes fresh, a bit less salty than most on the market, and sweeter. But with nothing else in it other than — you guessed it — coconuts, it clearly comes from the coconuts they use. All-natural, gluten-free, unsweetened, preservative-free and fat-free, it’s pretty much nature’s own sports drink with no funny business.
A big ol’ can of this coconut water will set you back 100 calories. Despite not having any added sugar, do note that each serving has 12 grams of natural sugar, for a grand total of 24 for the whole can. Each serving does have a nice amount of those electrolytes — sodium, potassium and magnesium.
As a sweet treat or as a way to hydrate after a workout, I enjoyed drinking this straight out of the can. Or, because I’m a grown-up, I also enjoy it out of cartoon glasses.
My Batgirl glass was dirty, so Batman it was! Strike a pose.
A little cloudy out of the can, it’s as close to drinking straight from the coconut as I can get in the Midwest. (And, in this Arctic-esque winter, having any taste of the tropics is awesome.)
Again, this coconut water is a touch sweeter than I’m used to, so it feels more like a treat to me than something I’d normally sip on unless it was after a super tough workout where I sweat a ton. But the sweetness of C2O Pure Coconut Water may be good for coconut-water newbies who haven’t quite developed a taste for it. (Erin: I’m looking at you, my dear coconut-wary friend!) And I have a feeling it would be great with a little lime — and rum. No matter how you sip it though, it’s fresh, all-natural and quite tasty!
Are you a coconut-water fan? Love it sweeter or saltier? —Jenn

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