Celeb Trainer Alex Isaly Talks KettleWorX, Motivation and How to Use Kettlebells!

Alex-Isaly-585A few months ago, I got to demo a super cool new group exercise classes that uses kettlebells for a crazy good full-body workout: KettleWorX. So when I heard that KettleWorX was coming out with an at-home workout program and that we could pick the brain of Lead Trainer Alex Isaly on it and more, well, of course we had to chat him up for Fit Bottomed Dudes’ Week! If you’ve been wanting to try kettlebells (and you should, they’re crazy awesome to work out with!) or are looking to do more with kettlebells at home, read on!


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  1. Thanks for this feature and an update on KettleWorX. I”m back to my kettlebells as a new year’s resolution to gain more muscle and it really is improving my bottom line, lol. Great for dudes and dudettes!