The #FBGAntiDiet Challenge: Get Bendy (in All Areas of Your Life)

How flexible are you? And we don’t just mean if you can touch your toes or not. While physical flexibility is important, so is flexibility in life. When you’re flexible in all areas of your life you can flow better with what the day gives you, you can create meaning for yourself, you can roll with the punches, you can better celebrate the big (and little!) stuff, and, yes, you can move your body with a full range of motion that feels good. Hence, this week’s #FBGAntiChallenge meme … !

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We talk a lot about this in our upcoming book (The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet — check out our rockin’ pre-order promotion here!), but being bendy is also all about pushing yourself. So you’re not naturally flexible and can’t get into a lot of positions in yoga class, or maybe you’re a bit of a control-freak who spazzes when your routine or plans are disrupted (not that I would come up with that out of personal experience or anything … )? So what. The point here isn’t about trying to make yourself “perfect,” but rather it’s about improving and going after your best. So the fact that you can get closer to your toes than you used to? Or that you don’t have a panic attack when your flight gets delayed? These are wins. Celebrate ’em!

How are you getting bendy today? Tell us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr or Google+ with the hashtag #FBGAntiDiet, and we just might pick your Tweet or photo to feature next week! —Jenn


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  1. I’m totally a control freak! But it’s something I’m working on… rolling with the punches and letting myself be happy even when things don’t go my way. (This applies to my workouts, my job, my marriage…. and on and on :))