Well, Hello There New Favorite Hoodie

I know a hoodie seems like it’s just a hoodie. Like any comfy sweatshirt with a hood will work. But, I own A LOT of hoodies. Some of them pullovers, some of them half-zip, some of the full-zip. Some of them I wear all the time. Others, just kind of sit there, kicking it in my closet, probably wishing that I’d spread the hoodie-loving love around a little more.

You know, because obviously hoodies have feelings and really, really care about my fashion choices. (Yes, I was one of those kids that thought my stuffed animals were alive and got their feelings totally hurt when they weren’t played with by me enough. I still suffer guilt from it.)


What I’m saying — childhood issues aside — is that there are factors that set an okay or even good hoodie apart from a really great one that you grab for again and again. For me, I need a hoodie that’s super soft inside, is nice and long, is a touch over-sized, has a hoodie that doesn’t choke you and looks cute. Okay, it just has to be mildly cute because I’ll pretty much wear the heck out of any hoodie if meets my criteria — they’re oddly hard to find.

So when the adidas Climawarm+ Pullover ($42) arrived on my doorstep, and I put it on and it was love at first wear, I knew it was a big deal. A really big deal. It’s, like, the perfect hoodie!


Lightweight, it’s the ideal length (I love the thick waistband and shape of the kangaroo pocket), and there is SUPER soft fleece on the inside. Like the kind of super-soft fabric that you force anyone near you to feel because, well, they just can’t understand until they feel it. The hood itself isn’t huge, which is really nice, but it does function as a hood, and the neck doesn’t make you feel constricted.

Yet, it’s warm. It’s oh-so warm. The outside is made of polyester and is slick to the touch (but still in a nice way) and has adidas’ THERMOLITE insulation that is said to keep you warm while also wicking away sweat. I’ve worn this on a lot of lazy Sundays and trips to the grocery store, but I’ve also worn this for winter runs, and the THERMOLITE stuff works. You stay dry and warm. Boom.

And, guys, there are thumbholes. You know how I and all of us here at FBG feel about thumbholes. And there’s an awesomely sneaky zip pocket on the right side to store a key and an ID. And, oh yeah — it’s cute.

It’s like they took everything I love about a hoodie and then added more awesomeness to it.

Do you love pullovers and hoodies? What criteria do you have for the perfect one? —Jenn

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  1. Karen Bean says:

    I LOVE Sweatshirts with thumbholes. I’ve been putting thumbs in mine since my music-love affair with Nirvana. It does make it easier when they just come with the thumbholes 🙂 And it doesnt hurt that purple is my favorite color. LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. I love hoodies…thank you so much for sharing. I might have to get myself one for those chilly runs.

    Emily @ noharmontrying.com

  3. Oh so cute! I love a comfy hoodie, too, it just can’t be tight around the neck. There’s nothing more annoying than wanting the comfort of a hoodie, yet feeling like you’re being choked!

  4. Sarah says:

    Oooh, i’m in the market for a new hoodie/jacket/thing and this is rather nice! Rather into zip-ups but this may be worth a try.

  5. MB says:

    Right now I need a zip up hoodie to breastfeed our newborn. Style wise, I like something unique to make it look fancier than a regular hoodie. If it is repellant to water that’s nice for yucky weather. Of course, a good price doesn’t hurt either!

  6. Deb E says:

    I don’t wear hoodies as much as I used to. For one thing, seems it’s usually 75 degrees here most any time of the year, but also I layer and like very lightweight cardigans or jackets I can shed (and not mess up the hair like a hoodie usually does). I also like something that washes/dries well, with thinner material. I’m picky I guess.

  7. Nancy G. says:

    Ordered the exact same one the day I read this. It arroved today! It IS awesome! Soft and just the right size. Thanks for the review,. I knew I ordered a winner,

  8. lana says:

    I had no idea the entire class would be with hand weights. My arms were on fire! I will have to check out your arm burner…but not today! What are those things that look like brownies but with lighter icing and chocolate chips on top? Merry Christmas to you and your family!