Workout I Did: An Anti-Diet Reality TV Workout

Many of us have a TV vice — and likely, you have a reality TV show or two worked into the rotation. Whether you get your reality TV fix with The Bachelor, Keeping up With the Kardashians or the classier but too-stressful-for-me-to-watch Amazing Race, there is no need for your show to be a guilty pleasure. Use the predictability of the shows — The crying! The fights! The walking off camera! — to fashion a workout in your own living room. Jump off the couch as needed during this reality TV workout, which doubles as a sneak peak into our Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet book, which goes on sale in a week. (A week! Don’t forget to pre-order!)


What’s your reality show? And do you try to fit in workouts while you watch it? Last question: Have you ordered yet? —Erin


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