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My Favorite Healthy Birthday Traditions: Everything in Moderation

In honor of FBG’s Sixth Birthday, each of the FBGs this week sharing her healthy birthday traditions — or lack thereof! Read on for Tish’s favorite ways to celebrate a new year …

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Miss Erin already called me out on this particular FBG share. Like her, birthdays are synonymous with cocktails and cake for me. And I ain’t mad at it! I admire  people who age gracefully and do wonderful things for their bodies on their day to celebrate having another year. My tradition is a bit different though. I simply love having a special day where I get to do things I don’t really do on a normal basis; thus cakes and cocktails are coveted. (So much lovely alliteration there!)

When I was dealing with all my stomach issues I met a doctor who told me, while he’s Paleo, he will still treat himself to things he loves once in awhile. He stressed the powerful connection our brain and gut share. If we swear off certain foods and punish ourselves for indulging, we can do more harm than good to our bodies. So basically, I learned it’s completely acceptable to indulge on occasion; enjoy the foods we’re eating and not beat ourselves up for it. BRING ON THE CAKE!

Note: While I splurge for sure; I rarely overindulge. Maybe that’s where my FBG kicks in. I don’t want to feel like crap on my birthday. This notion of preserving my wellness goes all the way back to my 21st birthday. I saw all my friends getting wasted on their birthdays and decided it wasn’t ideal “I love myself” behavior. They say Pisces have addictive personalities. I’m the opposite of that. My inability to go crazy combined with the fact that if my birthday falls within a workout day then I’ll still do it means that I’m healthy-ish on my birthdays.

This year for my birthday I worked out  and then that evening my husband whisked me over the hill to Hollywood where we ate vegan and gluten-free dishes. We also had some great cocktails. Then we took my favorite birthday cake on the planet (strawberry lemonade cake) to my favorite theater, and we watched a kid’s movie. Basically, perfection.


That’s the beauty of being an FBG. I can splurge and treat myself and those treats can still be healthy, but if they’re not, I’m okay with that, too — as long as it puts a smile on my face and doesn’t result in me hugging a toilet at any part of the day. It’s why I love birthdays so much: they remind me to live and enjoy.

What about you? Everything in moderation on your birthday, too? —Tish

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