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What Happens in Vegas: Good Habits in A Naughty Town

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Last weekend my husband and I trekked to Vegas with some friends for a mini holiday trip. The last time I went to Vegas was over five years ago when I had oodles more energy and stamina for running myself into the ground. This time around I lacked an affinity for the party aspect of the town. I simply wanted to get away and unwind by a pool — and that I did. I was totally able to remain an angel in the City of Sin. This is how I did it without being a total stick in the mud.

How I Stayed Healthy in Vegas

1. Bring the vegans! I love having vegan friends. It keeps you honest when searching for restaurants in a city known for indulgence and yum. We found some really great restaurants that offered vegan options, which meant there were healthy vegetables, salads and other goodies I couldn’t overlook. We even found a great vegan, gluten-free waffle place called Tiabi Coffee & Waffle Bar that had everyone (including my meat-eating husband) rubbing their bellies with delight. I totally recommend the Green Nut Smoothie.

2. Get thee to a pool! The night we arrived in Vegas we saw “O” by Cirque Du Soleil, which was THE coolest show I’ve ever seen. It involved a lot of totally awesome athletes doing amazing things in water so, of course, the next day my husband and I had to attempt some of the easier stunts in the pool. We spent at least an hour doing various tricks and moves (because we’re weird like that). It was a fun and refreshing workout that I totally count.

3. Choose your alcohol wisely. Vegas was hot. Oh, so hot. Like, 107 degrees hot … in the dry desert so staying hydrated was a must. Because I was a thirsty beast, alcohol wasn’t as appealing as I’d assumed it would be. I made sure to drink plenty of water and made sure not to get drinks drowning in sugar. I saw this cocktail bar while walking around and fell in love. They had me at fresh-squeezed.

4. Gambling with smoke. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke. I’m obnoxious about how much I loathe that smell. Beyond that, it’s just bad for lung business for everyone around, so I try to avoid it whenever possible. It’s not possible in Vegas. It’s everywhere! In the casinos, on the streets. It’s obnoxious and it’s inevitable. Every time I go to Vegas I end up coming home sick because my throat goes raw from all the smoke. This time I kept my butt out of the casinos as much as I could and when I did have to go, I’d make sure to get some chamomile tea with honey afterwards to coat my throat and soothe it. It worked!

5. Sleep. I got it. We may have stayed up way later than we usually would, but that didn’t stop me from closing those heavy, 0h-so-lovely curtains in our hotel room so that we could sleep in and get the 7 to 8 hours necessary for ideal functioning.

And that’s how I survived Vegas! I moved. I got in as many fresh foods as I could muster without being a pain in the arse and was kind to my body. I joked that it was old age that kept me good in the big bad town, but truthfully I had a blast on that trip without the killer hangovers that used to haunt my bad choices.

So bring it, Vegas. I’ve found your healthy loopholes and I’m not afraid to use them. Who else has gone to Vegas and been healthy? —Tish

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  1. Summer in Vegas has always been my dream. This city has a special atmosphere, a special gaming spirit that has always attracted me. I look forward to a trip to the city of casinos.

  2. This town is more than naughty is a little devilish I would say 🙂 but that is one of the reasons I like it so much 😀

  3. Shah says:

    Sin City, nice to be there, I will plan a trip spring when weather is better. Nice post thank you

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