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A Beyoncé Playlist: The Best Songs to Work Out to!


We recently made the awesome decision to pay homage/worship Beyoncé with a nice little workout inspired by her awesome energetic self. Fellow fans loved the idea and pushed for more — specifically a Beyoncé playlist. I’m okay with more Beyoncé! So with Bey in mind, I’ve compiled some moves you can do to all the current tracks from her latest album. Enjoy!

The Beyoncé Album Breakdown

If you plan on running, these are the best songs to add to your Beyoncé playlist:

  • “Haunted.” You may be surprised I chose this one, but I love the fluctuations in pace this song brings. My runs are never quite perfect and uniform, so any excuse in a song to get in some interval reminders to slow and then speed up works for me. Find that beat and start pumping it. The minute she starts talking, slow it down — even walk and repeat.
  • “Blow.” Well, Beyoncé IS roller skating in the video, so it was pretty obvious we had a fun, fast one on our hands. It’s great for when you want to move and have fun doing it.
  • “Jealous.” Jealous is my favorite track, so even though it’s not the fastest track, I totally get lost in her frustration and I use it to pump out some strong runs. I feel bad, but her pain is definitely my gain this round.
  • “XO.” The first time I heard this song I knew I had found running tune magic. The joy that pours out of these beats is the best; plus there’s just something great about moving while thinking of your own personal xo person. My fella is an excellent running motivator. Love that run lights out!

If you plan on Spinning, these are the best songs to add to your Beyoncé playlist:

  • “Drunk in Love.” The slower the better when you need some good, good burn! The slower moments are the best time to crank it up to your highest resistance; get in third position and let it rip.
  • “No Angel.” If you use this song for hills, you’ll definitely be cursing some legs and the bike. Slow songs may be no angel, but they’ll have your legs shouting praises once done!
  • “Partition.” Hey, Ms. Carter! This is a fun and funky good track. You should be transitioning lots and grinding into those hills. This one inspires some bounce.
  • “Mine.” This song is great for a steady long cycle. When Drake comes in with the chorus, take off and crank up your speed.
  • “Flawless.” This song is great for Spin! I sprint it out through most of it. The minute Chimamanda starts speaking I stand up and get ready to feel flawless. Highest gear possible and grind y’all. Remember to say to yourself you look so good tonight.
  • “Blue.” I love this mama ode sooo much. There’s a nice steady beat that runs throughout this song, with some faster moments perfect for a nice hill climb. This song makes you want to take a bike outside and go so fast the wind sings.

Stretch it out with these Beyoncé playlist songs:

  • “Rocket.” There’s nothing fast about this rocket. I like to use this one to do some basic stretches.
  • “Superpower.” This is a nice and slow one; perfect for a cool down. I like to take a moment during this song to think of my own superpowers. I high-five myself for reaching whatever beast mode I’ve achieved and call it a beautiful, sheroic day.
  • “Heaven.” This one’s emotional as heck for me. I may or may not cry every single time I hear it. Some may not want to release like that after a workout, but I’ve found through the years that sometimes it’s really cathartic to let the tears flow after something challenging. The gym is my therapy after all.

Songs inspire different things in different people so don’t be afraid to switch some songs around on your Beyoncé playlist! Which song is your fave?  —Tish 

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