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Biggest Loser Season 16 Week 6 Recap: Deep-Fried Immunity

Scott stares down Mount Meatball. Credit: NBC

Scott stares down Mount Meatball. Credit: NBC

SPOILER ALERT!* We’re recapping tonight’s Biggest Loser episode (get all the recaps here!), so avert your eyes if you don’t want to know what happened.

Bob Harper has a great matchup this week at Comeback Canyon. Matt (in all his slightly pudgy Taylor Kinney lookalike glory) has just arrived to face ol’ Mike in what Bob is calling a “battle of the ages.” Both are fierce competitors — who will go and who will stay?

At the LA Coliseum, the contestants are celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Biggest Loser with a tailgate party, complete with tailgating food.

The Temptation

So about that tailgating food — that deep-fried badness is their first official temptation challenge. There’s a tent in the parking lot stuffed to the gills with stadium delicacies. Each contestant will get 3 minutes alone in that tent and the person who eats the most calories wins a pretty important prize — immunity at the weigh-in. Would anyone bite?

Quote of the Week

From Woody, who at first decided that he wasn’t going to pop those jalapeno poppers: “Smelling all this food — it’s like muscle memory.”

But someone changed his mind and went to town a bit. Scott pounded down some meatballs, and Rob had some caloric fun, too, but Toma went for the win with 852 calories of party food. Scary thing is it didn’t even look like that much food. Remember that at your next Super Bowl party.

Time to burn off those chicken wings! Even though Toma is immune, his weight will count toward his white team’s total, and his team is making sure he doesn’t slack off.

At Comeback Canyon, Mike read to Bob a poem he had written about his old former self and how some of him still remains inside but that Mike was making sure there was less and less of him every week. That poem touched Bob, who said that other contestants could benefit from hearing it.

Over at the ranch, Dolvett sat down with Scott to pick his brain. “If I don’t take care of my health, I’m gonna die,” Scott said. “That’s where I am, and I saw my dad die.” Scott’s afraid that his mother is going down the same road his dad did and wants to connect with her so he doesn’t lose her as well.

Comeback Canyon Weigh-In

Mike lost an impressive 11 pounds so Matt had to lose at least 12 pounds to stay another week. Yeah, he crushed it with a 16-pound loss. So the trend continues — the new guy always boots out last week’s guy.

Ranch Weigh-In

Toma has immunity but will his temptation feast hamper his team? How’d they do?

White Team

  • JJ: 7
  • Sonya: 7
  • Rondalee: 6
  • Woody: 8
  • Toma: 7

Blue Team

  • Jackie: 5
  • Lori: 4
  • Gina: 3
  • Damien: 7

Red Team

  • Scott: 7
  • Jordan: 6
  • Blake: 5
  • Rob: 11

Rob was really emotional about his success on the scale this week, and it’s probably the happiest we’ve seen him since he came to the ranch.

That meant the blue team lost the weigh-in and Gina fell below the red line, sending her to Comeback Canyon. Would she be able to keep up with Matt next week? Who knows, but boy was she happy to see Bob!

Mike’s Update

He is now down 120 pounds and visited the grave of his son to tell him that he saved his life. He also was able to toss his diabetic test needles in the trash after the disease basically went into remission with his weight loss.

What to Expect Next Week

It’s time to play Dunk the Trainer! In next week’s challenge, Jen, Jessie and Dolvett are suspended above a swimming pool and their team members must keep them from splashing into the water. Can they hold on? Can you hold on?

What’s your favorite stadium snack? Hot dogs? Nachos? —Gail

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