The Best Fitness Quotes to Motivate You


If you’ve been following us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you know how much we looove us some fitness quotes. After all, the right fitness quote can do everything from give you a straight-up aha-moment to help you make the healthier decision to get you motivated to go ahead and do that workout you’ve been putting off.

So if you’ve been needing a little bit of extra motivation or inspiration, check out some of our favorite health and fitness quotes that Erika has meme-d up. Feel free to save them and share them as you’d like — what’s ours is yours when it comes to getting motivated, ladies!





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fitness quote



What’s your favorite fitness quote? That last one really speaks to us. Om! —Jenn & Erika

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  1. Stacey says:

    Love these quotes! Great motivation!

  2. I love the one about food being the most utilized anti-anxiety drug, so true! Another one of my favorite quotes (just in general) is “Work hard in silence. Let success be your noise” I love it because it makes me think of those early mornings at the gym getting after it before the world is awake or late nights trying to get in a good workout while everyone else is watching tv. Those moments that you are alone and working your tail off! 🙂

  3. Vianey Hernandez says:

    These quotes are real motivation

  4. Vianey Hernandez says:

    Better sore than sorry?
    Real quotes to start motivating someone?

  5. Diane day says:

    Liked reading the quotes etc, very interesting

  6. L says:

    For some exercise may help ones mood . Others do need a RX . I’m married to an athlete whose suffered with depression most of his life. No offense but if you’re not a mental health professional be careful not to discourage people who may need more than just exercise.