Baby in One Hand, Good Eats in the Other

They say having a baby changes everything. And it does, in a variety of ways and areas of your life. But the one way I wasn’t totally prepared for? The kitchen. Feeding myself a proper meal some days feels like a serious accomplishment. So I thought it might be fun to share what I ate for a day … with a baby in one hand!


With the baby fed, dressed and ready for the day, I splash some water on my face, pop in my contacts and head downstairs to feed the pup and make myself coffee and a green smoothie. Thankfully Gwen likes to sit in her bouncer in the morning and just watch me mill about. Today’s smoothie was my usual: frozen spinach, frozen berries, ice cubes, almond butter and a scoop of Vega One.

Morning Snack

After a work call and responding to all the emails, I plan to go to the gym over the noon hour, but I know I won’t want a full stomach while I’m there. So, a couple hours after breakfast I have another cup of coffee (this coffee to be exact) and try out some of the ThinkThin Protein Oatmeal that I’ve been sent. With 200 calories, 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, it’s kind of the perfect fuel. And seeing that you just add water and microwave, it’s super quick and easy to make.
The portion isn’t huge, but it tastes great. The Honey Peanut Butter I tried wasn’t overly sweet and had lots of peanut buttery flavor. If I had more time I’d still prefer to make my own oatmeal, but this was pretty perfect.

Pre- and Post-Workout Snack

Yes, I’m still eating. On the way to the gym, I nosh on a few raw almonds and dried apricots. I have been OBSESSED with dried apricots ever since I had Gwen. I have no idea why, but I eat them on the daily.
After my workout (did five rounds of: row 250 meters, 20 kettlebells swings and 20 ball slams with 2 minutes of rest between each round), I have a few more almonds and dried apricots to re-fuel those muscles.

Late Lunch

By the time I get home, nurse Gwen and get her down for a nap, it’s 2 p.m. and I’m REALLY hungry. (Dried apricots and nuts — as good as they are — only get you so far.) Seeing that I have a few more Pete’s Paleo meals in my freezer, I pop one in the microwave and scarf it down.
It was seriously delicious. Brisket, roasted cauliflower and a mix of sweet potato and carrots. Totally worth the wait. And great fuel for some afternoon post-writing followed by active play with baby and a walk around the neighborhood with Gwen and Siena.


Earlier in the week I’d (thank goodness!) made a batch of this in my slow cooker. Months ago I learned (re: totally screwed up the recipe) that if you cook it on high for 8 hours instead of low, you pretty much end up with just really tasty chicken (and no soup). Since that happy accident, I make “Enchilada Chicken Stew” about once a week and use it as the meat in a pretty epic yet quick-to-make taco salad.
Spinach, yellow bell pepper, black olives, chicken, cheese, hot sauce and Greek yogurt with blue corn tortilla chips makes for some excellent eats — which Ryan and I quietly eat (the chips crunch so loudly!) while the baby snoozes in her swing. Followed, of course, by a couple of these as dessert.
And a glass of this (from TJ’s!). Because mama needs her wine.

Evening Snack

Somehow I’m hungry again (nursing, man!). So I have a small bowl of Corn Chex with unsweetened almond milk while watching the Royals baseball game with my husband. It totally hits the spot. (Also, baseball is the BEST thing to “watch” with a baby — no plot, it’s loud but not too loud, and it’s easy to come in and out as you need to!)
Then, I collapse into bed, praying for at least a three-hour stretch of sleep. And … I get it!
Those with babies: What are your go-to eats? —Jenn

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