Inspirational Interview With Ruby Gettinger

In 2010 we gave the title of Fit Bottomed Girl of the Year to Ruby Gettinger. Her honest and open discussion about weight inspired us then — and it inspires us now. Over the years we’ve kept up with Ruby and have been lucky enough to call her a virtual bud. We have a lot of readers who are Ruby fans and are always wondering what she’s been up to and are curious about where she’s at in her weight-loss journey. So, for our birthday this year, we thought: Hey, why not take seven minutes and catch up with Ms. Hacky Wacky herself? From what’s been going on in her personal life to how you can keep up with her to what motivates her to keep being healthy day after day, here’s our inspirational interview with Ruby!


Interview With Ruby Gettinger

What have you been up to in the last year? Wow! Where do I begin? This past year has been a constant whirlwind. As you know,  I lost my brother, John, unexpectedly in 2012, and I ended up gaining a little over 70 pounds. Well, I finally had to shake myself back to the land of the living, get back up and fight again. I got down to my lowest weight 319. One of the closest people to me became extremely sick.  A sickness I’ve never seen or experienced before. The doctors could never figure out what was wrong. I was so scared — they went through a lot of testing, their sickness was 24/7 and I was on watch for them 24/7 for over six months and thank God they are now okay! We never figured out what was wrong but with prayer, love, support they are okay today.

My BF Georgia’s sweet mom Ann became sicker and we lost sweet Ann, and less than a month later, my BF Jeff lost his daddy. During all this, I had two months to move out of my home and find another place to rent. I hated leaving my home of 11 years. July hit me hard; Foxy became sick and within 48 hours of giving her mouth to mouth and fighting as hard as I could to keep her alive, my baby of 16.5 years died. I am heartbroken. Seriously, she was my child. We were together 24/7.  I didn’t realize till after her death how much she was my constant companion. It’s like the Phantom Limb Syndrome. I feel her still here with me.


I was so involved in all that was going on around me that I forgot me and my health; no weigh-ins, no working out, no writing in my journal, no accountability! And there came the weight gain. Through all this, I was still having meetings with development about continuing the Ruby Show, The Ruby Dating Show, [other new concepts like] Ruby is breaking down the fourth wall, Ruby travels state to state and does Ruby walks/boot camps, etc. [We’re] still in meetings.  A group was started on Facebook: #BringtheRubyShowBack.

My life has been in a total hurricane with no warnings!

Any plans for a new show or podcast? Yes! First for those that do not know, you can find my podcast here: Ruby’s Hacky Life Podcast.

I will be doing a new podcast in a couple of weeks to finish up answering some of these questions for you. In July and August, I will be interviewing several people about their personal stories, triumphs, transformations, etc …  If you would like to share your story, please send it here.

Yes, we are still meeting several productions and networks about developing a new show, maybe on TV or going digital. My dream show would be to travel state to state in an RV and meet all of my supporters — FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeGooglePinterest friends. I would love to talk with y’all in a group sessions about the spiritual, mental and emotional effects that life causes all of us! I want to do a Ruby walk, check your blood pressure, diabetes screenings, etc., so y’all can have results. Also, we would focus on healthy eating and cooking! Do a meet and greet with one another so when I leave I want the participants to have an accountability group with one another. Then, come back in six months to see their progress. I believe we will never conquer this unless we do it in this order: soul, mind and body! We must find out what we are feeding, or what we are starving! I wish the world could grasp the truth!

What workouts are you doing now? I am no longer working out with anyone. Right now, my workouts are walking with Jeff, Jim and Mellie (Jeff’s American bulldog), on my treadmill with my music, or Zumba at home or different classes in town or out of town! I love Zumba!!!!

Any advice for those starting their weight-loss journey? Yes! It is going to be hard. Please do not look at it as a weight-loss journey or diet. Please look at it as a lifestyle change. Do not go after the quick fixes. I’ve done that too many times. Once I think I’ve learned not to do it, there I go again believing or buying into the next quick fix! I refuse to do this any longer. My advice to myself and y’all is to eat healthy, walk, ride your bike, find something you love to do. Moving your body isn’t just for losing weight. It helps your blood flow, keeps your joints from stiffness or swelling, it helps with stress.

Have any new Ruby-isms/fun sayings? Lordy, Pajordy! Notta! He is yummy or if I really like him — “Yummy I got love in my tummy.” Lol! I can’t remember a lot of them since they just come to me in the moment. Sorry. 🙂

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? There are several things people do not know about me. I thought I would have a little fun with this question and asked some of my famie (family) and closest fins (friends).

Jeff and Jim said: “I am obsessed with Lizzie Borden Chronicles and that I am online doing my investigation. Plus I am in love with ‘Siringo’ Cole Hauser and obsessed with Jack The Ripper, and while in London bought a book with actual documents and thinks I have it all figured out!” I am laughing out loud; it’s so true!

Danna and Toni said: “People love you not because of your story of weight gain or loss, but because you are genuine and real. You truly care about people and the condition of their heart. It’s hard to find real people in this world anymore who truly care. People are drawn to you because you’re real. There’s nothing that replaces honesty and character. It’s a heart issue, not a weight issue. You are a prayer warrior and have power in your prayers! God has given you the power to call things that are not as though they are.”

I asked Georgia, Ben, Zac and what they said is hilarious: “You use to crack every one’s fingers!” And: “To embarrass us you made us believe you were flashing people in the Rite-Aid parking lot. Or truckers riding by on the highway.” This is funny!

Personally I have to say: I can’t stand the way people judge one another. I truly believe in the power of God and Jesus! I do not judge others. My Bible, the King James version, tells me to not judge others and to love one another as He (God) loves us and as we love ourselves. It breaks my heart because I know what it’s like being judged. My Bible says, “People judge by outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart. The Lord seeth not as man seeth; man only sees what is without, but the Lord sees what is within!”

I am very passionate about getting God’s truth out! Not man’s!


Do you have a phrase or mantra that motivates you? What is it? “Feelings can’t be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem.” “Deep down, the young are lonelier than the old.” “I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains. I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.”

And finally: “I twist my heart around again so that the bad is on the outside and the good is on the inside, and keep on trying to find a way of becoming what I would so like to be, and could be, if there weren’t any other people living in the world. The weak fall, but the strong will remain and never go under!” AMEN. I get this 150 percent. Sweet Anne Frank, I love this little girl. We all can learn from her.

I believe we are all born with a God-given destiny! We are all born for a purpose. I want to live my purpose. We are not defined by our shells; they are just the house we live in. Our soul longs to meet its destiny and we will not be complete until it does!

Any new goals? Yes!!! To finish this once and for all.

My biggest goal is to find a way we all can overcome this together. To get the truth out and truly get this beast called obesity under control in this country and beyond!!

After watching Fed Up I was furious because it was not only an awakening for me, but I knew down deep this is how I felt and wanted to hear more truth. Things that consumed me that I could never put into words. I’ve been fighting this fight, walking this walk, this journey since I was 13. I was outraged after watching this documentary. Thank you, Katie Couric, Mark Monroe, Stephanie Soechtig for the truth in Fed Up. I had to pause the documentary because the truth would hit me so hard that I would become so mad! I’ve always believed “the truth will set us free!”

Anything else you’d like to add? Yes! I want to answer some of the other questions asked of me. On my next podcast, I will share how I went from 750 to 554 before the show.

As of today, I refuse to tell anyone my weight! If I am losing, you will see it with your eyes. If I am gaining weight, you will see it with your eyes. When I started my journey, I never let my weight define who I am. Somewhere down this road everything became about my weight. Before I knew it, I was controlled by the number on the scale. Let me be 150 percent honest that my identity became my weight number. And it broke my heart when I saw what I allowed to happen to me. I stayed in solitude, shame, guilt and I was not living my God-given destiny. Thank you God for my tribe and BFFs from Georgia, Tennessee, New York City, California, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey and South Carolina for helping me see the truth.

I thought it was hard when I started. WOW! When I started, I was losing 4 to 6 pounds a week. Because the bigger you are, the faster it comes off. During my journey, I’ve had several setbacks. I refuse to give up. I will still fight, and I WILL WIN! Today I face another setback. I am crawling back into the fighting ring and starting again. I’ve been at war, in a battle for my life … spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. I hope you will keep fighting with me. Keep telling yourself — write it on your bathroom mirror: “Giving up is not an option!”

We were born in this generation for a purpose.
Refuse to let time steal any more of your life.
Refuse to be around the people who tear you down.

In our lives, we have balcony and basement people. “Basement people” can be people from our past or present, but they are the people we give too much power to. Their words haunt us words like, “You can’t do that.” “That’s a stupid thing to do.” “You will never get it right.” “You will never amount to anything.” Basement people try to discourage us from our hopes and dreams. They constantly point out what is wrong, rather than what is right with us. Basement people come in with a dark cloud over them and usually want to leave us with one. It’s usually because the way they see everything or they are just simply jealous or mean.

“Balcony people” are people who are full of love and our No. 1 cheerleaders. They are encouragers, they love us, support us 100 percent. If we fall, they are there to pick us up and tell us YES we can!!! They sit in the balcony section, cheering us all the way and saying, “You can do it.” “We believe in you.” “You are special to us.” Balcony people are the great encouragers in our lives and we ALL need them!

Today is the day we must run from our BASEMENT people and not look back. Today we must surround ourselves with BALCONY people. Let us get started!!! Hootie! Hoot! Hoo!

***Thank you, Fit Bottomed Girls, for being my balcony people!***

Cheering you on every step of the way, Ruby! We heart you! The FBGs

Want to see Ruby? She’ll be in Canada July 2015 and in Greeneville, Tenn., in October. For more information check out Ruby’s Updates and Ruby’s Events.

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  1. Angie says:

    Ruby your honesty astounds me! Thank you

  2. Karen says:

    Ruby, I saw reruns of your show on tv this morning, and thought “I wonder what she’s up to now?” Thank you Fit bottom girls for letting us know and never giving up on Ruby!
    Ruby we’re rooting for you! We need you and thank you for your truth!
    Please let us knot the details for Canada and Tn.

  3. Maria says:

    Right on time! I needed to read this today. Thank you

  4. Dorothy Miles says:

    Ruby you are always an inspiration even when you relapse and eat!
    It shows your human side. Praying for your show to be picked up by another network.
    Thank you Fit bottom girls for supporting Ruby and us!

  5. Linda W says:

    I adore Ruby, not only for her weight loss efforts but just for who she is, a very beautiful and funny woman.
    When her show ended I felt like I lost an old friend! Awesome article. Love Ruby

  6. Angie Sanders says:

    This was right on time fro me. I found inspiration when I watched your show. I don’t feel I get motivation or encouragment with my own weight struggles. But when I watch you and see your strength I feel I will be able to do it too. I would give everything to lose weight with you. Angie

  7. Faye Hudson says:

    This was amazing and thank you for your honesty and wisdom. I will have to check out Fed Up. My daughter and I enjoyed watching you. We would love to watch you complete your journey. You bring us joy and happiness with your beautiful spirit inside and out. Your show was the best on TV. We support you Ruby!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mary L says:

    Ruby, you are absolutely beautiful Inside and out! You make so many hacky with that contagious smile! Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all. Thank you Fit bottomed girls for never giving up on ay of us!

  9. Janet Posh says:

    I am so sorry about Foxy. My heart is broken for you she was your child Ruby. Ruby you teach as you learn One day at a time one step closer! You have come to far to stop now! You got this!!! Keep going! Keep pushing your such and inspiration! Please remember we need to see you finish.

  10. Amanda Hines says:

    Thank you Ruby for being so honest. I no longer feel alone after reading this. I am sorry about Foxy. Georgia and Jeff’s mom and dad.
    It feels great to know it is an emotional, mental fight when it comes to food… I will do good and lose weight (230 lbs last time) relapse and gain it back. If you start over I will. Why do we try? It is odd for some reason I believe you. Love you Ruby

  11. Julie Miles says:

    Dearest ruby, I love your words of love. You have always been someone I am proud to call a friend. I pray one day I get to meet you. Love you and I’m sorry you went thru so many emotional pain last year. <3

  12. tonya says:

    You go girl, I’m very proud of you for showing people if you fall down you CAN get back up!

  13. Teriann Rogers says:

    Thanks for the inspiring message! Never give up!! Love the picture of you and Foxy. You are so much more then a number on the scale to us! You are us! Stay strong Ruby and thank you 🙂

  14. Donna P says:

    Ruby you are amazing! Praying for you and hope you will pray for me! This is sooo difficult! Only someone who has been here understands. Going through your journey helps me to see myself. Thank you

  15. Connie says:

    Ruby, because of you I started treatment for binge/emotional eating when I found your show on Netflix. I want to see season 4 and the rest of your journey. You have no idea how much watching you has inspired me. Thank you.

  16. Vicki Haust says:

    You have worked too hard not to continue on and meet your goal and there are so many of us who want to celebrate that with you!!! You are an inspiration and don’t need a TV show to keep being one. We are praying for you as it is not easy but through Christ all can be accomplished!

  17. Lee says:

    Ruby you have the sexiest eyes. You are so beautiful. I wish I could fix this for you. i would like a date beautiful girl.

  18. Amber says:

    I love you Ruby i was a huge fan of the show believe it or not you picked me up in your special way and carried me through some really hard times and you are my guardian angel.

  19. Cassie says:

    Beautiful story–and I think your dog is sooooo cute!

  20. Megan Henery says:

    I wish everyone could read your story. This interview has inspired me in many ways. I am not fighting with with weight but I am fighting with personal demons. You have a beautiful heart Ruby! I cried like a baby about your dog. I am sorry Foxy is gone.
    I will not be defined by my illness either. Thank you

  21. Jess Bronson says:

    Ruby’s story and journey has not only raised awareness about the importance of being healthy and caring for yourself, but has also been a huge inspiration for many many people! I want Ruby back on TV so badly — its my favorite show!

  22. Lacey says:

    Ruby has always shown the side of weight loss that is very rarely known. She has inspired so many people to dare to dream. She inspired me to be true to myself. Her story is far from over. Woman and men in her position and those that just want to lose some weight identify with her and believe in her and in turn begin to believe in themselves. Ruby is the one! Ruby I love the show idea of you “travel state to state in an RV and meet all of my supporters “ you can help us start 🙂

  23. Debra Mack says:

    They really need to bring RUBY back on tv. She is my inspiration, she puts A big smile on my face every time I see her. RUBY is the reason I upgraded my dish network so i could see her show every week. I love the idea of you traveling to see us in an RV. Thank you

  24. Gloria says:

    Ruby thank you for this wonderful, inspiring interview. I have to watch Fed up. I am trying again with you.

  25. Gloria says:

    This was a great read! I need MORE RUBY, Please! It is rare that I find a show or a person that keeps me coming back each and every week. Ruby is very educational and brings much understanding and tolerance to such a sensitive subject. Thank you. Please consider doing the traveling show so we can meet you. Did you remember your childhood?

  26. Deb E says:

    I don’t watch much TV but have heard how inspiring Ruby is. I lost my Yorkie baby after 18 years and it took many years to get over it. Ruby looks like she’s doing great.

  27. Nisha says:

    This is most inspirational interview I have ever read on health and fitness benefits. I am gonna change my life after getting inspired by her words. If one do not have healthy body, one do have nothing. Thanks a ton!

  28. Tim Brisbane says:

    I love your story Ruby every time I see your face you always brighten my day. I love your wit and since of humor.
    Stay strong and positive and with God help you can do all things through which strengthens you.

  29. Elizabeth Patton says:

    This is an incredible interview. This is why Ruby is an inspiration to so many people – she keeps it real. This is a real fight. We need her on the air. There are way too many unrealistic “reality” show “stars.” Ruby is a REAL person, dealing with the same struggles that most people do.
    Fitbottomed girls thank you for not giving up on Ruby.

  30. Brenda O says:

    I’ve been praying for Ruby and her journey for quite some time. I’ve worried about her memory loss and other issues almost like she was myself or my daughter. I live so far away from her I can’t pop over to check on her. I believe her childhood has a lot to do with her weight struggle. I am frighten for her when she does remember. I hope she still is seeing a therapist. Prayers

  31. Claire Minnen says:

    I want to see Ruby see this thing thru. I think it would be a great idea for Ruby to join forces with “FedUp” in her national fight against obesity with kids. Ruby gets along so well with kids, my teenage girls adore and talk like her. The Ruby kids camp was amazing! She just seems to have a way of drawing people in. Maybe its her southern innocence or just her love
    for life.
    Ruby, I would love to meet you, please do a show traveling to meet your fans.

  32. Beki Boilard says:

    Love Ruby!! I hope so much that her show gets picked back up by a network. I miss her and her gang, and loved her show so much.

  33. Meg Forese says:

    Ruby and her ‘crew’ have been a part of my life since the inception of the Ruby show. I am honored to call her my friend, my ally, and my mentor. She has helped and supported me as I do her. And I also know that there are so many people out there who agree with me. Ruby can do so much more if given the opportunity. Bring Ruby Back!!!!! She is just an amazing and gifted woman whose spirituality and honesty bring truth to fighting the ‘beast!’

  34. Debra Ross says:

    I would love to see Ruby’s TV Show back on, because she is such a Role Model for those that are trying to achieve their weight loss and the things that control their lives from the Evils of the World! Her Journey has been very rough oh her, but has influenced so many lives to fight for the Goals In Their Individual alives!!! We all miss Ruby and all her a Friends and Family!!! It was very entertaining and inspirational!!!

  35. Julie Miles says:


  36. McKenna Crockett says:

    Ruby, I understand where you are coming from. Last year I lost over 30 pounds and I gained it back. I was and I still am ashamed of myself. I was so close to my overall goal weight. We all fall short. You are right! We cannot give up. I also thought that the number on the scale defined who I was. All we can do is let God help us overcome. We need friends to help us along the way. I love you girl. We need you back on TV. There are millions of people who suffer from eating disorders. God has sent you to tell others that no matter what, we can beat it. I love you girl!

  37. ginger says:

    That was so well said Ruby I’m in amazement of how far God has taken you! Keep going and Keep it coming!

  38. Felicia says:

    Ruby, you are so fierce! I’m going to get in this journey with you. I have a job that makes me walk a lot, and I finally understand what people mean when they say it feels good to move. I walk at least 7 miles a day as a pharmacy tech, delivering meds. I lost 30 lbs. Then I hit menopause, and gained back 12. I freaked! Now it’s making me crazy. I think God has made me turn to you for help to calm down. I’m fit, I feel better, and now I’m going to try to relax and let myself release the weight again. The crazier I feel, the worse I eat. Hold my hand Ruby. I’ll do it with you.

    Your new friend, Felicia

  39. Pam Ryan-Orchard says:

    I just love you and your frankness. You often come to my mind and today I looked you up on the Web. I remember your struggle up the Sydney Harbour Bridge and I admired you so much. We loved you here in Australia and wish you would come back. All the joy to you for Christmas. I know how bad it is to deal with addiction my husband is a recovering alcoholic, it has been 14 months now, I am very proud of him but he has severe depression that we are dealing with now. We take day at a time until all is better.

  40. Juliana says:

    I have always been a big fan!

  41. It was a nice interview.I loved it